. The Purpose, Mechanism and Function of Attunements .

Universal mechanics maintains continual balance, with any cause given being simultaneously returned effect, in perfect and precise correlation to what was given.  No adherence exists to human constructs of ethics, morals, justice and right or wrong, in the same way that an observable natural law such as inertia does not.  The function of coordinating immediate balance between the countless qualities, vehicles, compositions and the coordinations between these qualities, vehicles and compositions, continually occurring within the universe is the singular purpose of universal mechanics.

The repetition of the subtlest formations of energy, within all substrates and dimensions of matter, accumulate and become larger compositions, which we commonly recognize as for instance thought and emotions, with these developing into internal narrative, patterns and what we define as our beliefs and character.  As more and more narratives and beliefs engage, social and cultural constructs are formed, those with the majority of inertial power controlling the primary direction of collective consciousness.  

Our tethers to beliefs, narratives and constructs, control our perception of self, our reality and the direction that we would like to think that the evolution of ourselves and our collective species is moving.  The strength of our beliefs, narratives and constructs becomes more and more densely binding, with each and every experience that validates who and how we perceive ourselves and our collective species to be.  The desire for validation has protected us and allowed us to survive in groups and tribes, and for this purpose its value has been undeniable.  As we have evolved into societies and cultures that have required less and less physical protection however our desire for validation remained, in present day being more commonly known and defined as cultural, social or peer pressure.  Thus, even as we may note our individual, social and collective evolution and behavior being controlled by detrimental addictions, narratives and constructs, our physiological tether to chemical formations which we interpret as validation has remained dense and strong, with the consequence being that just the thought of re-adjusting our choices, actions and paths is commonly met with internally adverse emotions, narratives and constructs.  It is this internal resistance, which cause entanglements, distortions and obstructions, which seek to obscure our perceptual awareness from the relative truths of what could otherwise be easily and clearly observed within ourselves, our societies and the collective consciousness of our species.

The most rudimentary observation of how our world and all beings within our world are experiencing their lives at the individual, societal and collective level could allow us to objectively understand and discern both how our individual and collective choices and actions have composed the world we live in, and how we have chosen to obscure and distract ourselves from this truth.  Moreover, we could note that entanglements and distortions have been permitted to bind themselves within us, the consequence of attempting to reconcile what our awareness cannot help but perceive, even if only at the subtlest of levels, with the many narratives and constructs which when observed simply cannot cohere with the mildest semblance of our own logical processes and discernment.  Obstructions within our awareness, regardless of their density and inflexibility, through their inherent nature will always cause obscuration of the subtler levels of dimensional formation, however the most glaringly obvious and apparent of formations and experiences cannot help but inevitably pass through our perceptual consciousness.

Some will still choose to find distraction and other ways to obstruct and obscure their perception.  This is the result of our fight or flight response, the chosen response in this case being to flee, with the formations of flight which perform their task most effectively in our modern world being designs and constructs of distraction, and at times bolstered by self-justification that no efforts given will have a significant enough effect to re-adjust the inertia of our collective consciousness  Others will receive the insights given through their own perceptual awareness, enter the “fight,” which in this case is more akin to the challenge of moving in a different direction than those that pressures exerted from peers, social and cultural narratives and constructs utilize in their attempts to control us.

The choice of which path to take will determine the destination and thus “destiny” of each being, with those who choose to adhere to narratives and constructs, even whilst perceiving the ultimate detriment of these paths, strengthening the density and inertial power of collective consciousness which moves in this direction.  Those who choose to take the path which they perceive to be for the Higher potential and greater good, will develop the qualities and vehicles which enable them to pass through the relatively dense pressures and inertial power the majority of our species’ collective consciousness adheres to.  The common definition of “ascension” as utilized by certain lineages and systems, in very simple terms, can be understood as occurring when the “lightness” that results as tether and binding to formations of density are released, with “ascending” being a natural consequence  While it is true that the “lightening” of each being permeates and affects the collective consciousness, the choices and actions of each being  determines how they engage with these qualities, vehicles and mechanics.  Thus, dependent on the level of internal resistance, these being tethers to formations of density, that any sentient being adheres to, some will engage more deeply with the experience, while others will resist.  In any case, choosing to be dependent upon the developmental transformation of sincere and committed practitioners, hoping that this will enable synonymous developmental transformation within our own being is a significant misunderstanding.  At best, collective consciousness will release density and “lighten” at a fractional level relative to the complete spectrum of dimensional formation that we exist within.

Sincerity is the singular quality and vehicle informing universal mechanics of the genuine intent behind our actions, which directs the path of our developmental transformation in correspondence to our true and authentic reasons.  Sincerity as with all qualities and vehicles, can be refined, polished and tempered towards purity, with the level of sincerity given determining the composition of our developmental transformation, and the acceleration of our unrestricted passage through the path of the Higher self, moving us to Enlightenment.  If it were not for having been incarnated as physical beings, where time is inevitably limited and thus immeasurably precious, acceleration towards our goal or any goal would be irrelevant.  As it is however, being incarnated as physical beings, passing on from our physical vessel is inevitable and thus the time we have been given to utilize this vessel as our “temple” for developmental transformation cannot be anything but immeasurably precious, and this is the single reason why acceleration is of such significant importance, the caveat being that safe protocols and methodologies are adhered to.

The aforementioned are the reasons why the Guild have chosen to offer the 52 weeks of Attunements process.  To in short, accelerate the coordination, articulation, augmentation, refinement and developmental transformation of all qualities, vehicles and compositions necessary to pass through any and all terrain that arises between “where we are now” and our ultimate destination, Enlightenment.  The Attunements, given once a week for 52 weeks by Guild Master teachers, adjust, coordinate, articulate, fluidly stabilize and equalize the full spectrum of energies that are moving through all dimensional substrates, passing in and out of our planet, solar system and galaxy, enabling practitioners to engage with and employ these energies into effectively providing superior “fuel” for the actualization of their Highest potential.   This naturally enables the acceleration of our developmental transformation to integrate and cycle through the processes which unfold before us with perfect balance, harmonization and “structural integrity,” optimizing our ability to move through the path of the Higher self and pass to Enlightenment.

Please Note:  We no longer have availability for 2019’s “52 Week Attunements” January intake.

If you wish to apply for our 2019 mid-year admissions please contact us.

. Packages for 2019 .

  1.   3 Pillars of Enlightenment
  2.   52 weeks of Master Teacher Attunements
  3.   Karmic Unknotting:  Preceding the first Attunement, the Master teachers engage and coordinate the qualities, vehicles and mechanics for loosening, dislodging and releasing tether and bindings to obstructive, entangled and distorted formations within the complete dimensional spectrum of Karmic conduits and networks.

Fee:  $899

  1.  52 Weeks of Master Teacher Attunements
  2.  Karmic Unknotting

Fee:  $599

Specialized Attunements are possible for current Guild practitioners upon request, assessment and subject to availability.

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