Please Note: Due to the current high demand for our Activations and Attunements it has become necessary for us to, at present utilize a “queue list,” as each Activation requires that the Attunement is designed and set by a Master Teacher that is specific to the unique pathways and networks of each practitioner.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and all practitioners are always welcome. This recent change is simply a necessity at this time so that we can continue to provide our services punctually and professionally.

If you wish to be placed on our “queue list” please feel completely welcome to contact us.

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Meditation Mastery + One Attunement


Psychic Mastery + One Attunement


The Esoteric Warrior + One Attunement


Package Special: 3 Pillars of Enlightenment + Three Attunements


Special Packages for 2017:

Please Note: Spaces for 2017’s “52 Weeks Attunements” commencing from January 2017 are now currently full.

If you wish to be placed on the “queue list” for our 2017 mid-year Attunements please contact us.

1.  3 Pillars of Enlightenment + 52 weeks of Master Teacher Attunements + Karmic Unknotting to assist in the dissolution of Karmic hindrances: $899

2.  52 Weeks of Master Teacher Attunements + Karmic Unknotting  to dissolve the Karmic Hindrances:  $599

Please Contact Us to apply.