Please Note:  Due to the high demand for our services at present applicants will be placed on our waiting list, since each Activation requires a corresponding Attunement to coordinate with the specific and unique compositions that comprise the whole being of each practitioner.

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More detail regarding the specific qualities, vehicles, coordinations, mechanics engaged, function and ability developed from each respective Activation can be found below:

. Meditation Mastery Activation and Attunement .

MeditationMasteryPass beyond technique, unlocking the qualities and vehicles, engaging and enabling the mechanics required for connecting with your Higher self, revealing and unfolding the Higher path, the passage which moves us to Enlightenment.  Meditation Mastery develops the qualities and vehicles through which Psychic Mastery and “the Esoteric Warrior” utilize as fluidly balanced and flexibly stable foundation, from which they are then able to further broaden, deepen and expand their own respective qualities and vehicles.  All Guild practices engage the same universal mechanics for the purpose of attaining the singular goal of passing through the path of the Higher self to Enlightenment.  The qualities and vehicles of each respective practice simply engages the same mechanics in a different direction, form or way, yet each ultimately returns, “completing the circle,” attending to and attaining the singular goal of Enlightenment.  Thus, as Psychic Mastery and “the Esoteric Warrior” both, engage the vehicles and qualities enabled through Meditation Mastery, to in the literal sense, deepen, expand and broaden their own respective and specific vehicles and qualities, for optimal development, Meditation Mastery should be engaged first before proceeding with either Psychic Mastery or “the Esoteric Warrior.”

. Psychic Mastery Activation and Attunement .

PsychicMasteryBroaden, deepen and expand the perceptual awareness of the five physiological senses, enabling their “range of movement” to extend to what is commonly defined as the psychic dimensions.  From which coordination of the qualities and vehicles which have permitted movement to this point, naturally engage the mechanics of the Higher self path, and with this fluidly developing and transforming composition continuing to pass through subtler and subtler dimensions of each respective sensory formation, releasing tether, binding and obstructive obscuration as it does, until inevitably passing through that which is the causal source of our countless designs and manufacture, into Enlightenment.

. The Esoteric Warrior Activation and Attunement .

theEsotericWarriorEngaging the same mechanics, “the Esoteric Warrior” coordinates the qualities and vehicles of the Karmic body directly through the physical body, the ultimate goal being synonymous, yet this direction taken for the functional purpose of releasing tether to obstructions and constructs within the Karmic body, which by their design and manufacture control how we perceive our self and reality in every facet, encompassing the entire spectrum from the smallest particles of atomic matter, to the macrocosmic composition that we define as our personality, self and being, inclusive of the narratives, perspectives, beliefs and emotions, which we commonly misunderstand to be our own, which through observing the experience of these formations releasing, we realize are in fact not and never were.  It was simply that in the perceptual awareness being tethered to them, we were bound to their many narratives, perspectives, emotions and beliefs, enduring their presence for so long that assumption that they were of us became so.  In directly engaging with the Karmic body, the same mechanics developmentally transform our qualities and vehicles, enabling our perceptual awareness to pass through subtler and subtler dimensional formations of Karma, and in doing so release tether to those formations which are not our own.  There is nothing to fear, if any specific formation was truly of our own, it would remain, as such, only that which is not and never was of our own being releases and we become less and less restricted and adulterated by additive formations of Karma and their associated limits and constructs.  With the diminishing of tether and obstruction, by default unrestricted mobility naturally increases, and so the primary principle, that of movement, the qualities and vehicles which comprise it being the requisites for reaching any destination and for developmentally transforming through to any level of ability is seen to be in unity and congruence with all Guild practices, and for the singular purpose of passing through the path of the Higher self to Enlightenment.

. The 3 Pillars of Enlightenment Activations and Attunements .

packageThe 3 Pillars of Enlightenment are comprised of Meditation Mastery, Psychic Mastery and “the Esoteric Warrior.”  This package, offered due to request, is for seekers and practitioners who simply know that they have finally found what they have long sought, are committed and sincere in their readiness to continue to proceed through the cycles of process and developmental transformation until eventually and inevitably attaining Enlightenment.

For seekers who resonate, feel, or otherwise have a “sense of knowing” in some way, yet for their own reasons are hesitant as to whether this is the path for them the Guild, with respect, advises exploring and investigating other lineages and systems first.  Exploration and investigation have always been how sentient beings have pioneered and evolved beyond our perceived limits, and in doing so we are given at the very least a modicum of insight which assists us in determining the path we choose to engage with.  Furthermore, since the Guild is singular in our purpose, this by default means that we cannot fulfill the wishes of those who seek other goals.  If after investigating other lineages and systems however and through this process having more defined and refined resonance with our methodology, purpose and mechanics, contact us.  The Guild will assess applications subject primarily to the qualities and vehicles of sincerity of the applicant, since commonly if both resonance and formations of hesitance are present, this is often the result of tethers to social and cultural narratives, resistances and constructs, which can always be overcome by a rudimentary degree of sincerity, the qualities and vehicles of which are functional, universally mechanical requisites for development transformation through the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  Absent the qualities and vehicles of sincerity applications are not accepted, since absence of this quality is indicative of an unwillingness to engage to the best of our present capacity, with this diminishing the potential to attain actualization, whether of the Higher self and Enlightenment path, or for that matter in any and all areas or fields.  Having incarnated into physical bodies, the time we have given is limited, thus making it invaluably precious.  How we choose to engage with the time we have been given enables and directs our actions, with our actions becoming habits, our habits becoming our character, and our character determining our “destiny” or inevitable destination.

The singular purpose and duty of the Guild is to preserve, protect and teach the knowledge and instruction required to engage the mechanics of the Higher and Enlightenment path to seekers who are sincere and committed to attaining Enlightenment within this lifetime.  Time being limited, if given to those who are not sincere and committed to this goal, by default diminish the the time remaining and thus opportunities for sincere practitioners to actualize their potential.  For this reason, as preservers, protectors and teachers of the knowledge and instruction required to engage with the Higher self path to Enlightenment, this being the singular goal and purpose of the Guild, our duty must therefore be to prioritize sincere and committed practitioners.

Sincerity and commitment is not defined by practitioners of superior ability in any specific, it simply means practitioners who when attending to practice, engage at the best of their present capacity.  In this context, whether a specific ability is of lesser or higher development is irrelevant.  What is relevant, in the context of the functional mechanics of sincerity and commitment, is that attention and action given to practice is given at the best of our present capacity, whatever this level may be.  A practitioner with a higher level of ability in a specific skill, yet deficient in sincerity and commitment, will restrict their own development, where as a practitioner with a lower level of ability within that same specific skill, yet attends to their practice at the best of their present capacity, will in functional and mechanical terms, engage and give a higher level of inertial power and refinement within their intent and action.  Inevitably, the sincere and committed practitioner will eventually pass the practitioner who permits deficiency of sincerity and commitment to engage with their practice.  These consequences are neither moral or ethical as defined by human construct but simply cause and effect as coordinated by natural law and universal mechanics.  An example often used by practitioners, teachers and Master teachers, is that “the quality of ingredients we put into making a cake will determine the quality of the completed cake.”  The same applies to developmental transformation on the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

. 52 Week Attunements for 2020 and 2021 .

Please Note:  Our “52 Week Attunements” for January 2020 is now currently full.

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. Other Packages and Services .

  1.   3 Pillars of Enlightenment
  2.   52 weeks of Master Teacher Attunements
  3.   Karmic Unknotting:  Preceding the first Attunement, the Master teachers engage and coordinate the qualities, vehicles and mechanics for loosening, dislodging and releasing tether and bindings to obstructive, entangled and distorted formations within the complete dimensional spectrum of Karmic conduits and networks.

Fee:  $899

  1.   52 Weeks of Master Teacher Attunements
  2.  Karmic Unknotting

Fee:  $599

Specialized Attunements are possible for current Guild practitioners upon request and assessment by a Master teacher.  Specialized Attunements are subject to availability of Master teachers required to perform a specific Attunement and as requests are frequent the Guild recommends applying early in order to be place on our waiting list.  Availability for Specialized Attunements can range from weeks, months to years, this being determined by the requirements of the Attunement itself.

. Contact us to apply .