Meditation Mastery


“It is from connecting to your Higher Self that your true purpose will be known.”

The passage it opens before you, this being the path of the Higher self, is what in passing through, developmentally transforms your being such that you know and are Enlightened.

“Meditation Mastery” through concept, principle, Attunement and energy, instructs you in how to engage the precise and simple actions required to enable the mechanics necessary for connecting with the entire spectrum of your multidimensional self, the Highest aspect of which is your Higher self.

Connection to your Higher self at any level of dimensional formation is the foundation for Enlightenment.  For the insight, understanding and knowing experienced, give illimitable reason, meaning, purpose and energy towards engaging and enabling the actions required for the singular cause of attaining your highest potential, Enlightenment.

As the actions are engaged, this being the practice, experience brings true insight, understanding and knowing, rather than mere intellectual conjecture and philosophy based not on experience but assumption.  As these qualities reciprocally inform and coordinate with your perceptual awareness, your ability to pass through subtler and subtler levels of dimensional formation increases.  Then by continually progressing through these cycles, a “tipping point” is reached, where inertial power shifts the balance such that continued developmental transformation becomes naturally inherent to all that comprises your being.   Passing through any and all “terrain” – obstruction, tether and bindings of all forms are released, movement is without restriction and eventually and inevitably origin is reached, then it too passed through.

Origin, this machine, having been the jailer of your design and manufacturer of countless incarnations, being no longer tethered and no longer bound to it, finally allows for the knowing of true freedom, the experience of true peace and the attainment of true Enlightenment.

For some the aforementioned will  already have resonated, been recognized and known as that which you have been seeking.  As such if you wish to begin contact the Guild to apply.   For those of you requiring more in order to remember the inner call, further detail has been included below.

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