The Esoteric Warrior

“The Esoteric Warrior” was named in honor to the role and function of the Soul or Karmic Body, the vessel that endures, carrying the threads of accumulated cause and effect with the most inertial power, the design and manufacture of incarnation to incarnation produced from this.  The Karmic body is also commonly known in some lineages as the Kundalini.

Who we know ourselves to be, our attributes, beliefs and the causes and effects that determine our lives are manifested from the Karmic body or Soul.  This was the original meaning when it was said that the Soul can be “tainted.”  What this actually means is that the Soul will carry the Karma of past, present, parallel and future lives.  This as you can imagine can be a monumental burden and thus the system of “the Esoteric Warrior” found its name.

The Higher self cannot be “tainted” in this way.  It is the Original, Primordial and True Self.  It can however be obscured and thus not known, heard, experienced or enabled.  This obscuration occurs in the perceptual awareness of the 6 Bodies however, not in the Higher self.

The Soul or Karmic body, can be likened to a hard-drive and within our present incarnation our personality, attributes and experience are manifested from this hard-drive or blueprint.  Cause and effect which is inclusive of all actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions right down to the most minute sub-atomic interactions within our awareness and Six Bodies set causes which then have an effect.  This is Karma.

When our physical body dies only the most primordial of Karma is threaded and is essentially recreated in further incarnations.

The reason for this is to learn and evolve, however without alignment with the Higher self, the learning and evolving becomes relative to the social, cultural and personal constructs of our environment.  It is this that our Karma interacts with and for the most part is observably limited, restrictive and often regressive.

As such without alignment with the Higher self, learning and evolving can be clearly observed to repeatedly manifest destructive and self-sabotaging elements in our lives.

Like a child without guidance and thrown into a new environment, the child must learn to survive however the tools and abilities acquired to survive are often a double-edged sword.  An example of this is a child who has been emotionally hurt and learns to harden their heart in an effort to protect their self.  While this has the effect of numbing feeling, the numbing of feeling itself is also a detriment to life.  As the child grows into adulthood the same patterns of protection will manifest themselves, most often creating fear and destructive factors in relationships.

Unless conscious action is applied to dissolve the old patterns and replace them with positively sustained actions, these old patterns will continue for an entire life.

Karma is not moral, it is cause and effect.  It manifests from the subtlest dimensions to the most obvious ones, not with moral agenda but simply through physics – to maintain a balance of cause and  effect that has been set by us – whether consciously or unconsciously.

When Karma is not released or dissolved, it accumulates continually, relentlessly and without discernment.  Imagine many threads thrown together again and again and the resulting entanglements that they continue to manifest as some threads share common purpose, while others push towards opposing purposes.  The result is chaos in all 6 Bodies and the awareness.

These many Karmic entanglements then attempt to coordinate, without moral, simply striving to maintain balance, and will continue to manifest further entanglement, through all incarnations unless their inertia is dissolved and released.

The initial stages of “the Esoteric Warrior” allow us to understand why we are who we are and why were are here.  We are able to perceive the causes and effects within our Karmic body.

To understand and know this however is not enough to release destructive Karma and patterns.  Patterns will continue to manifest through eons of incarnations, in an effort to understand, learn and evolve.  Without guidance however all efforts are in vain.

For this reason the Guild has established Meditation Mastery as our foundation practice, since it enables the pathways and networks to the Higher self.   With even the slightest glimpse or connection to the Higher self, guidance is found, such is the perceptive power of the Higher self.   Then, first through the physical body, then all Six Bodies, we learn and enable dissolution and release of Karma with the guidance of our Higher self.

Instead of blindly seeking for answers and solutions and without the ability to make sense of the entanglements of Karma, we are now functionally enabled to understand and perceive clearly and to release and dissolve Karmic entanglements in alignment with our Higher self path.

As we continue to sustain practice, the deeper qualities and properties of “the Esoteric Warrior” continue to permeate the Six Bodies and our awareness.  We come to know the way of the Soul or Karmic body.  The clue that “the Soul is infinite” reveals itself to our perceptual awareness as we realize that in order to learn and evolve, that the Soul created not only our present incarnation, but many parallel incarnations, and thus many past and future incarnations.

Similar to a team purposed to fulfill a goal.  Many incarnations have vastly greater potential to learn and evolve than only one.  Without guidance however even the many can and will easily fall into confusion and lose purpose due to Karmic entanglement.

With Higher self perceptual awareness through the pathways and networks, all incarnations become attracted and aligned towards our Highest purpose.

As positive inertia is attained, all Six Bodies including the intellect assume their correct place in the order.  This simply means that each knows and embraces when and where they can be enabled to be of best function.  This accepting of correct place in the order of the Six Bodies is embraced and accepted gratefully because the perceptual awareness is clear and free of entanglement.

As opposed to when the elements of the Six Bodies such as emotion, thought or intellect are resisting our goals and purpose, they are clear as to our reason and purpose and so are congruent and aligned towards it.

A team divided commonly finds only struggle, failure and further suffering.

A team united finds continual reciprocal support, strength and progressively increasing clarity, function and purpose.

Karma is what has manifested the infinite incarnations for better or worse.  When aligned with the Higher self all incarnations are manifested for the Highest true benefit – Enlightenment.

The Higher self shows the way.

The Karmic Body allows all Six Bodies to be cleansed of Karma as our perceptual awareness moves through the way.

When the order is correct, the Higher self is networked into the Six Bodies, cleansing the manifestation of Karma through to the root causes.

As the qualities and properties align with our Six Bodies completely, we transcend Karma entirely – attaining Full Enlightenment.

This coordination between the Higher Self and the Karmic Body has been written about in metaphor, riddles, parables and code within many ancient Spiritual texts.

“The Esoteric Warrior” provides functional and effective method enabling the actual coordination to occur and to occur safely.

The Karmic body or Soul has also in more recent times been known as the Kundalini, and this name holds many great controversies both due to safety concerns and regarding whether the Kundalini is required for  Enlightenment at all.

The main controversy exists however because practitioners have awakened their Kundalini absent correct guidance and thus incorrect order and balance is created.  Any activity sustained incorrectly can lead to injury however when practiced correctly the awakening is not only completely safe but restorative and rejuvenating.  This is the way of “the Esoteric Warrior.”

A lesser controversy is whether the Kundalini is required for  Enlightenment at all.

If we place into context that the Kundalini is the Karmic body, the carrier of Karma, and that Karma must be transcended, then there is no controversy.  It becomes undeniably clear that the Kundalini or Karmic Body is as mandatory for Enlightenment as the Higher self and all Six Bodies are.

To argue that the  Karmic body is not necessary for Enlightenment is akin to arguing that “you” are not necessary for Enlightenment.

Our entire being is inclusive of Enlightenment.  There is no separation.  Free of obstacle, blockage and sediment our whole being is united in purpose.

Each Activation and Attunement is a crucial foundation or “pillar” for uniting the Six Bodies, the Higher self and the Karmic body.

Meditation Mastery awakens the pathways and networks to the Higher Self.

Psychic Mastery brings the perceptual awareness and the functional ability to coordinate the forces within the pathways and networks of the psychic dimensions.

The Esoteric Warrior gives knowing and understanding of the threads of cause and effect that manifest from the Karmic Body and that determine our incarnations and the manifestation of our realities.

With these 3 foundations or “pillars” integrated and united to Higher self purpose – Enlightenment can be attained.

Some of the effects that practitioners have experienced from “the Esoteric Warrior” include:

“Safe awakening and stable coordination of the Kundalini pathways and networks.”

“Experiencing the Soul as restored and healed.”

“From moments to glimpses to an endless flow of Enlightenment”

“Enabling masteries in the present incarnation from past, parallel and future incarnations.”

“Cleansing of the blood, bones, organs, energy channels, chakras and entire being.”

“Opening, strengthening and fortifying the channels and meridians.”

“Dissolution of psychic curses and destructive genetic blueprints.”

“Psychic Protection and Fortification.”

“The ability to remove dis-ease from the Six Bodies.”

The Esoteric Warrior

“The Esoteric Warrior” is incredibly powerful and must only be used after being Attuned to “Meditation Mastery” and at least 4 weeks of the “Meditation Mastery” practices.

Included are:  Two Discourse Sets and 3 guided practices.

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