Meditation Mastery

“The Higher Self is The True Purpose and Meaning That Has Been Calling To You For Your Entire Life.”

It is THE KEY to attaining Spiritual Enlightenment.

“I felt my entire mind and body become flooded with the most beautiful divine light and love…a being of infinite compassion and grace greeted me and acknowledged itself as my Higher Self! In the last week I have been living in the most incredible state of ‘oneness’ – I feel as if I have come home to who I truly am! My relationships, my business, my home…everything in my world just seems to respond to this amazingly sublime state of being that I now am. I can see so much deeper into the world around me, I can see how events and energy affect the world around me, before they have happened and I just “know” clearly how to influence my own reality and life.”


Since the beginning of human existence practitioners, systems and lineages have dedicated themselves to understanding how to unlock the mysteries of attaining our full potential.  Throughout our history Masters have been hunted, knowledge and practices have been repressed and the very knowledge of their existence has faded with time.  Over years may variables have led people to believe that we had reached our peak.  Yet it only takes an honest glance to know that this is not so.   Most have not even tapped the surface of their true potential.

In more recent times schools and lineages of practice have re-emerged.  Some have pieces of what was once a complete map to Enlightenment or Higher self awakening.  Others have practices but are missing the keys to unlocking the practices, which are simply vessels for the qualities and properties – the elements that educate and transform our being.

This is not to denigrate any lineages.  Knowledge and practices are missing keys not because of conscious deliberation of the Masters, practitioners, schools and lineages themselves, but because they were hunted, forced into hiding and their teachings destroyed.

The Guild honors and respects any lineage that was able to retain what it could in those times.

In recent decades the strategy of repressing sacred knowledge has changed.  Instead of hunting and imprisoning teachers the majority of hindrance comes from the spreading of misinformation and fear.

The Guild came into being first as a place where practitioners, disciples and Masters of all schools and lineages of the Higher self and Enlightenment path could learn from each other, teach, find what had been lost in their own system and make it whole again.

Language and definition would differ however through practice and experience the many lineages found that their ultimate goal was the same, regardless of name – to awaken their Higher self and attain Enlightenment.

Through years of dedicated practice it was discovered that the techniques were simply the vessels for certain qualities and properties and that these were the transformative elements that would align the practitioner with their Higher self and the Enlightenment path.

Some schools and lineages defined the “being” that we are to be composed of 5 bodies, others 6, 7 or 8.  Here too we found that the difference in number was simply a different way of instructing and that all the dimensional bodies in each lineage was congruent with the other.

What is commonly known as mind, body and Spirit, the Guild for practical and functional purpose instructs as the physical, mental, emotional, energy, Spiritual and Karmic bodies.

Our methods and practices function to educate each of the 6 bodies with the specific qualities required for experientially knowing the Higher self and then attaining Enlightenment.

All humans can if they observe themselves hear or feel the call of the Higher self.  It may feel obscured or as if something vital and sacred is missing.   There are many ways to listen for the call but if one sincerely observes it can be heard.

The Guild practices and Attunements dissolve what obscures each of the 6 bodies from the Higher self and so fully awakened any and all practitioner has opened the path to their own Enlightenment.

The Higher self is not only what each human being hears the call of.  It is what the planet upon which we live requires if we are to live in coordination and balance with it.  Developing into and aligning with our Higher self is evolution not only for us but for the Earth since as we change as a global consciousness, so too do we affect through our choices, actions and energy the people around us and the planet itself.

These shifts have occurred before but now just as before they require our choice to make it so, to commit to what we know and hear to be of “higher” evolutionary worth and to respond to this call with sincerity and action.

All activity when sustained develops inertia.  The Guild practices are the vessels through which the Attunements, which are the maps or keys, can unlock the qualities and properties congruent with the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

When positive inertia is attained, the qualities and properties permeate the Six bodies, first from within, then exuding outward, affecting everything in our lives, from relationships, business, emotional health and so on.

When positive inertia is attained we are able to map libraries of Spiritual information, energy and knowledge as easily as breathing.  Our intuition, which is tuition from within, becomes crystal clear, and our creative power, which is the ability to influence cause and effect becomes masterfully accurate.

Our 6 bodies become a cohesive conduit for Higher Self consciousness and energy which flows through us allowing us to act, and coordinate both internal and external forces with absolute precision and clarity, power and wisdom.

Like a stone thrown in a pond, our Higher essence flows through us and outward, infusing both our inner being and resonating with our outer world.  It strikes a sacred chord in the heart and Soul of all beings and the planet itself reminding them and leading them towards their own Higher self and Enlightenment path.

This is how one person changes the world.

Awakening of the Higher self and Enlightenment is not exclusive to a select few.  It is the legacy of all sentient beings if we choose it to be so.

The importance of all Six Bodies:

The qualities and properties of the Higher self and Enlightenment must be integrated within all Six bodies.  Any system that forsakes any one of the bodies does so to the detriment to all Six bodies.

Integration must be whole.

For example, we cannot focus on the mental body only as this would be to the detriment of the physical, emotional, energy, Spiritual and Karmic bodies.  We cannot focus on the physical body only as this would be to the detriment of the mental, emotional, energy, Spiritual and Karmic bodies, and we cannot focus on the Spiritual body only as this would be to the detriment of the mental, emotional, energy, physical and Karmic bodies.

When we neglect even one of the bodies we neglect them all.

By integrating all Six bodies directly from the beginning this has a synergistic effect where the development of each of the 6 Bodies reciprocates and supports the development, knowledge and evolution of the others.

The coordination of all Six bodies functioning for the Higher self and Enlightenment path is what accelerates the awakening of the Higher Self.

There is nothing that the Higher self does not touch – from all aspects of our lives – work, family, relationships and hobbies.

Our Higher Self infuses itself into us and everything that we touch is infused with it’s wisdom, love, light and empowerment.

Practical and Concrete Training:

Progress on any path will be hindered if information, method and practice is made mysterious.  It is not necessary that all elements are known – but it is absolutely necessary that all elements essential to functional practice and progress are known and understood.

Correct practice must be sustained in order to achieve expertise and for practice to be correct there can be no mystery in understanding what needs to be done.  The Life Mastery Guild has over generations deconstructed the mysterious such that functional practice and progress on the Higher self and Enlightenment path can be had.

All our of teachers and Master teachers understand the practices,  Attunements, qualities and properties of the methods at the most intricate detail and are able to communicate the practices and methods of the Higher self and Enlightenment path in “Plain English.” Furthermore they are also able to deconstruct concepts for practitioners with previous experience from lineages and schools that used mysterious or esoteric concepts and language and translate these simply such that a practitioner is able to easily and logically discern and thus understand what they must do to progress on their path.

The Guild does not allow for intangible, abstract, mysterious or incomplete information in our systems and practices because to develop effective, functional, progressive transformation, practice must be correct.

Spiritual lineages and schools that fail in producing effective, functional transformation for those within their organization have either consciously repressed their practices and methods or are unaware that their lineage once had practices, now lost.  They may offer beneficial directions and ideas, but without functionally correct “show me how” practices the path will be difficult it not impossible to follow which is evidenced by lack of development of those within non-practice based organizations.

Any development and transformation, whether Spiritual or not, requires that an activity is sustained such that we progress, develop and transform.  This is as relevant to learning how to walk as it is to Spiritual development.  Without activity, development and transformation simply will not occur.

Educating the Six Bodies:

At a basic level the model of our being is often explained as mind, body and Spirit.  The model of the Six bodies expands upon this such that we can refine specific aspects of the mind, body and Spirit and coordinate them towards beneficial functionality for the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

The ability to do or not do often comes from either having the structural integrity within the respective body required to function or weakness within the structural integrity of the respective body.

By developing all Six of the Bodies we are able to do.  This is functionality.  It is ability and by utilizing ability we are able to sustain the activity required to attain Mastery, Awaken the Higher self and achieve Enlightenment.

The more developed the functionality of the Six Bodies, the easier it becomes to not only draw upon but utilize the qualities and properties required for awakening the Higher self and attaining Enlightenment.

Again this can be compared to walking or any activity.  When the requisite muscles, awareness and balance are developed sufficiently, walking becomes possible.  Walking is functional at the physical level, which is where it matters.  It is not just intellectual concept or theory which is functionally ineffectual at the physical level absent physical practice.

When the Six Bodies are developed they are able to essentially communicate or reciprocate and transmit information throughout the network.  The principle is similar to the mind and body connection that an athlete develops where elite Olympic athletes have exquisite connection and communication between mind and body.

As the connections strengthen, the “information paths” are able to transmit and integrate more energy and knowledge smoothly, release stagnant sediment and in effect the ability to coordinate and function positively through the network of all Six bodies for the awakening of the Higher self and Enlightenment increases exponentially.

Perceptual awareness and discernment become clearer thus allowing us to know, also called Higher intuition and psychic ability.  Take away the mystery and these abilities are simply developing the “information paths” and cleansing the sediment such that our awareness is about to perceive clearly.  Free of obscuration we are able to see what already existed beneath the sediment and follow the “maps” of the “information paths” such that we may discern where cause and effect will lead or create.

There is nothing mysterious about psychic ability or Higher intuition when it is understood that this is simply the ability that we function with when the “information paths” that reciprocate throughout the network of our Six Bodies is transparent and clear.

Blockages and sediment create obscuration which distorts the information we receive and our coordination and functionality of this information.

Dissolving the blockages and sediment removes the obscurations allowing for undistorted information transfer and for greater coordination and functionality of this information.

This could also be seen as a team of six people, progressively developing both themselves and their ability to work with each other, supporting the other members of the team with their own respective strengths and have clarity, meaning and purpose that is channeled with direct focus towards their goals.

In the beginning we must build positive inertia but once built this positive inertia pulls our Higher potentials towards us, the Highest of which is our Higher self and Enlightenment.

When our Six Bodies have developed positive inertia that is pulling our Higher potentials towards us, we are essentially functioning in the dimension of what some call “the Law of attraction.”

As we reside in the physical and within a physical body however, this body must be educated, developed and trained to function in this way.

Intellectual theory and concept of “the Law of attraction” is insufficient.  The “story” of “the Law of attraction” was given almost as one piece of the map however enough time has passed that many have experienced that with the one piece is not enough.  It is not functional for the purposes of “the Law of attraction.”

The reason for this is because the one piece given excluded the physical body and it is the physical where we are incarnated.  Underestimating or outright ignoring the necessity to develop the physical body to functionality for “the Law of attraction” is the reason why manifestation in the physical dimension has not worked for many.

Utilizing the physical body which by default must draw upon the mental body for focus and awareness creates far greater functionality.  The development and coordination of all Six Bodies allows for functionality beyond what most could even imagine.

With the Six Bodies functionally coordinated, what we now perceive as our Highest potential can be easily reached however because  during this process our perceptual awareness has stretched and expanded we can then see potential far exceeding what we once believe to be our limit.

We realize the many social, cultural and personal constructs that restrict and resist our awareness and potential.  Yet we become able to release these without necessarily becoming a “rebel.”  We are able to walk both within the socially accepted world and within our own while continually developing our Higher self connection.

This is simply a result of our Six bodies coordinating with flexible stability, clear discernment, natural internal strength all of which is in essence positive functionality.  We are able to clearly know through direct discernment our purpose in life, yet because the sediment within our “information paths” and “network” are cleansed, we simply do not react from fear if others object, we act from what we discern as a greater good and are able to respond and move through life with natural compassion, peace and understanding.

With positive functionality throughout the network of our Six Bodies, what we understand as correct theory at the intellectual level, moves seamlessly to the physical body and is developed such that the knowledge is known in our atoms, cells, organs, bones and entire physiology.  Our physical body then reciprocates what it has developed to the mental, emotional, energy, Spiritual and Karmic bodies.

The team of the Six Bodies continues to progress and develop, coordinating between each other with greater positive function. They are clear of their role in the order of our being.   What the physical body would most be effective at achieving is given to the physical body.  What the mental body would be most effective at achieving is given to the mental body.

As positive inertia strengthens more the Higher self continues to permeate through the “information paths” and “network” of the Six Bodies.  Given time our entire being is aligned and congruent with our Higher self.  We essentially become our Higher self and we are optimally functional for attaining Enlightenment.

Building the Bridges to the Higher Self

Imagine that Higher consciousness is like an internet network. Plugging into, interpreting and communicating with the information on this network requires that you have the right hardware and software.

To use a simple example it could be said that your physical body is like the hardware and your mind the software.  Expanding this to the Six Bodies would be imagining the different types of hardware and software that can increase the overall functionality.

The technique unlocks the qualities and properties that allow for the upgrading of the hardware and software, resulting in increased positive functionality.

Sustaining this activity builds and strengthens the bridges to the Higher self respective to each of the Six Bodies but also the “network” and “information paths” between each of the Six bodies.

The synergy of all Six Bodies in positive coordination and functioning from the Higher self again develops positive inertia within the “network” and “information paths” and this continual reciprocation between all Six Bodies and the Higher self, continually strengthens the bridges, “network” and “information paths.”

The functional “real life” result is resounding clarity of life purpose, penetrating discernment and perceptual awareness of the Spiritual and Karmic dimensions and thus articulate coordination and control over the processes of cause and effect or manifestation.

All Six Bodies change.  It it not mere intellectual understanding.  It is not only physiological or energetic body change.  It is transformation throughout the entire network of the 6 Bodies set with purpose to the Higher self and Enlightenment.

What has occurred is that the process of positive inertia and growth continues until a critical mass is reached.  What was once profound becomes normal as a shift occurs where the Higher Self becomes undeniably known and trusted by all Six Bodies to be their primary guidance system.

Just like a master musician may be able to hear and differentiate different tones and rhythms in music, so too is the awareness able to perceive and discern clearly what needs to be done, how to do it and how to do it well.

At this stage external teachers are no longer required.  Information and knowledge from past, parallel and future lives and incarnations where Mastery has already been attained awaken in the network of the Six Bodies..

Abilities and functional Masteries that have long been asleep and dormant become active.

The Six Bodies which had been limited by the crystallizations or illusions of the awareness are now free and can see and know Truth as the crystallizations dissolve.

What was meant to be comes into being.

Full Higher self connection and Enlightenment within all Six Bodies.

The Primordial “Secrets” of Meditation:

The technique or method is simply the form, form exists for function and the function of the Highest meditation forms are to know the qualities and properties that are within them.

Different methods, techniques and forms exist to approach from different angles the complex psychological, mental, emotional, energetic and Karmic constructs that we have become.

We begin with a singular practice or form and with correct instruction most require only 3-4 forms to unlock the function, qualities and properties.

In time, we can return again to singular practice, and then eventually all time becomes unlocked to function, we become coordinated to the qualities and properties and are continually progressing and reciprocating within the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

Form without qualities and properties is diluted function.  It may bring relaxation of the body and mind for instance however without unlocking the qualities and properties the Higher self cannot be awakened and Enlightenment cannot be attained.

In contrast, when functioning in coordination with the Higher Self we not only completely dissolve emotional blocks and suffering, we purifies the attachments within the awareness that create suffering in the first place.   Many experiences that we may perceive as suffering and challenging before, now become as nothing.

“Complete Understanding”:

We live in an era where we all wish to understand what and why we are doing anything.  Impatience creates aversion and urges us to resist learning, doing or practicing something that we do not intellectually understand.   Sometimes when understanding “clicks” then the intellectual mind gives permission and allows learning to occur.  At other times because of the lack of structural integrity in any or all of the Six Bodies even when the intellectual mind understands, we will experience reaction in the form of internal resistance.  This is when discipline must be applied such that we may unlock the forms and utilize the qualities and properties to dissolve the internal resistances.

The qualities and properties unlocked within the practices steadily refine and strengthen as they work through the Higher self on all levels of the Six Bodies.

In time the intellect as will the other five bodies will simply know through observing these experience unfolding, coordinating and reciprocating.  Integration occurs naturally at this stage and we realize “complete understanding” in all Six Bodies.

Multidimensional Consciousness

Our entire being is multidimensional, the Higher Self being the highest aspect of the multidimensional self.

It is the crystallization of the awareness that creates the resistances and illusions preventing connection to the Higher Self.

By utilizing the qualities and properties of the practices, the resistances and illusions that obstruct and obscure the connections within the 6 Body “information paths” and “network” these crystallizations become flexible, loosen then dissolve completely which allows full connect to the Higher Self.

Higher self awakening and Enlightenment is not exclusive to a select few.  All sentient beings have the capacity to attain.

If you are cynical or skeptical of this then I fully understand – because we’ve been there.

Collectively we’ve tried more methods that have failed than we could count, and frankly most of us have had times when we were ready to give up on Spirituality. But we didn’t because we always knew without a shadow of a doubt:

“This is a journey that is worth the trial and error.”

We knew that this was the most important journey that we could ever undertake.

The choice as to whether the journey of seeking still has worth is yours.

If it does, don’t let a few bad apples stop you from potentially achieving what you’ve always been searching for.

Consider: We offer an iron clad 100% money back guarantee…why?

Because we have seen tens of thousands of practitioners connect to their Higher self.

But why are we even offering this knowledge in the first place?

Why do we want to share information so profound and powerful that it will change the lives of every person that it reaches?

For the simple reason that this knowledge utilized correctly by even one person strengthens our world beyond imagining.

Simple observation of our earth makes it obvious that the time is NOW more than it has ever been.

For too long, repression of knowledge, misinformation and incomplete systems has meant that those that would be sincere and dedicated practitioners of the Higher self and Enlightenment path needed to search long and hard and often found too little knowledge to achieve Six Body functionality.

Each and every being that awakens their Higher self and each consciousness that attains Enlightenment sends out ripples that affect the entire world.
The dissolution of blockages in the Six Bodies removes obscuration and transparency is the natural result.  From transparency, Sacred, Original or Primordial Light transmits freely through the Six Bodies without hindrance, nourishing the Six Bodies as well as radiating outward.  Transparency within the Six Bodies also allows for what has been called Primordial, Original or Sacred knowledge to be known and of beneficial, active function.

As more blockages or sediment dissolve, more Higher self consciousness and Primordial Light will flow through the Six Bodies, restoring them to their Original purity.  This is named by some lineages and systems as Source healing and some describe the effects as dissolving emotional wounds, releasing disease and limiting beliefs, neutralizing curses, transforming negative energy to positive energy and detaching destructive blueprints or patterning.

The Life Mastery Guild views these effects simply as what naturally occurs when the Six Bodies are free of obscuration and thus transparent.  And while these effects undeniably reduce suffering the full potential the Higher self and the attainment of Enlightenment is exponentially greater in its effect on both the practitioner and the world.

When full Higher self connection and Enlightenment is attained within the Six Bodies, the practitioner’s  presence upon the earth affects everyone and everything around them.

The radiance and transmission of Primordial Higher self Light loosens and dissolves anger, depression, anxiety and hate in others and allows these to return to peace, compassion and love.

The necessity for others to have an intellectual understanding of what is occurring is not required.  This is simply the cause and effect of Primordial Higher self Light meeting denser energies and essentially allowing these denser energies to loosen and dissolve, thus returning to their Original pure form.

Thus person by person, without even needing to say a word, the world is changed.

Like a stone being thrown into a pond, the ripples of one Enlightened person spread out and affect many.

This in turn helps all beings to evolve from Dark, denseness to Light, peace and compassion.

In addition those within our world that are already Spiritual practitioners will find their development on their path is seemingly naturally accelerated with strengthened purpose, clarity, perceptual awareness and discernment.

We all benefit from the effects of Higher self consciousness for it naturally exudes unconditional peace, compassion and love both from within us and within the very roots of the planet.  Each practitioner that connects to their Higher Self creates a magnetism that attracts the entire planet into alignment with Higher self consciousness and Enlightenment.

When enough practitioners have attained, the collective power of their Higher Selves can bring all beings to Enlightenment and evolve the planet.

This can only occur if we take the choice to make it so.

The Call of the Higher Self:

If you feel, sense or hear a call within you that you even slightly guess may be your Higher self, or perceive an inner pull to seek for something deeper and of more meaning, take the moment to observe and listen.  The communication is asking you to at the very least explore and to investigate further.

When the call is loudest we know that it is time to hear the message fully, knowing this resonance to be that of our Higher self, to respond to its call with purpose, enable ourselves to action – and to find a way to return ourselves to our true “home.”

This Calling is deep. It resonates from the very cells and atoms that make you who you are. It is a Call that can only be answered by becoming complete – at one with your True Self – your Higher Self.

It is asking you to remember who you truly are.

For some this brings residual memory of:

• A endless flow of pure energy, vitality and health

• A time when physical healing was your natural ability.

• A vibrancy that be felt at the cellular level

• The ability to release blocked energies and negative emotions as easily as exhaling.

•  Memories of your primordial self

• Flawless intuition and clarity of life purpose

The awakening of your Higher Self consciousness within even one of the Six Bodies immediately creates a bridge between the physical  and mental bodies.   This then creates an alignment which draws all Six Bodies to coordinate and move together as one.   As this unity continues to develop the illusion of separation dissolves.

It is this illusion that is the obstacle that hinders all restorative healing, manifestation and Enlightenment.

Transcending this illusion even for a moment allows you to see, it awakens your entire being, perceptual awareness and consciousness to your true Spiritual potential.

Even a glimpse allows us to know that our Higher self and Enlightenment can be in our here and now.

Listening to the call allows us to see and know the illusion exists but that it can be dissolved and that in its dissolving,  the illusion of separation clears all paths and networks within our Six Bodies allowing us to one again be as one with our Higher self and Enlightenment.

The Next Step:

From hearing the call the next step is to enable our actions to connecting to our Higher self.

We require a practice that will unlock the qualities and properties such that we may clear the paths and networks for our Six Bodies and Higher self.

“Meditation Mastery Activations” is a precise and logical system for progressively dissolving the blockages and obscurations of the awareness, “information paths” and “networks.”  It is the “activity” that when sustained naturally allows for connection to the Higher self within all Six Bodies:

• The physical body

• The mental body

• The emotional body

• The energy body

• The Spiritual body

• The Karmic body

Everything is composed of different forms of energy including sound.  As such from the very first listening your entire consciousness, awareness and Six Bodies are in communication or interaction with Higher self consciousness, coordinating and reciprocating energies and information for the specific purpose of building the bridges and networks to your the Higher Self.

So simply by listening to the discourses and meditations the Six Bodies are connecting like antennae to the knowledge, language, energy and way of the Higher Self.  The networks and “information pathways” between your Six Bodies are being awoken as are the bridges to the Higher self.  By continuing to practice these networks, “information pathways” and bridges continue to strengthen as the blocks and sediment dissolve and so the Six Bodies are able to “download” and understand with greater clarity the language, energies and information of the Higher self – further strengthening the development of the entire process.

“I can actually feel this process happening as I listen.” – Mark Jacob

It is often asked how long it will take to connect to the Higher self.

The answer is dependent on variables including the social, cultural and personal constructs that determine the structure of a practitioner’s awareness and 6 Bodies.  Karma encompasses all of this.

Karma is the cause and effect that has set in place all of the variables that have determined who you are.  This does not mean that fate is set in place however.  Karma has a bandwidth or flexibility and through correct practice, we can choose to make this bandwidth more rigid and brittle or we can increase its flexibility and thus gain access to more choices and opportunities due to the availability of more functional ability and skill.  With correct practice we can transcend the bounds of Karma completely.

Thus while some practitioners  have reported profound Higher Self experiences from the very first day,  others experience gradual awakenings over the subsequent weeks and months.

Regardless of how any practitioner’s path unfolds however it is assured that all practitioners by sustaining the practice correctly will connect to their Higher self.  This is the simple science and physics of inertia continuing to its goal.

The Life Mastery Guilds guarantees that if you use this system as instructed, that you will reconnect with your Higher Self and we stand by our word with a 1 year money back guarantee.

Awakening Higher Intuition and Wisdom:

It is important to realize that all Spiritual growth and Enlightenment is essentially about understanding, and that understanding, comes first from having connection to knowledge and information. Activating the Higher Self within all Six Bodies allows your entire being to know Primordial, Sacred, Pure and Original knowledge and information.

This is wisdom that cannot be found through external sources or teachers.  It must be known from within our own Six Bodies.

Teachers can point the way however each must walk the path themselves in order to truly know and attain.

When Higher Self knowledge and wisdom is known within ourselves, hindrances to complete Enlightenment within the 6 Bodies are no longer of true challenge.   For when we are able to coordinate primordial forces with fluid balance and stable functionality, what was once challenge is now too easily overcome to be defined as such.

When the Six Bodies are aligned and fully congruent with the Higher self the path to Enlightenment is clearly defined and our functionality as it pertains to completing our journey is seemingly effortless.

Once again, here are just some of the profound results that you will awaken just by listening:

• A profound and reciprocal connection to your Higher Self.

• The ability to coordinate cause and effect, otherwise known as Karma, “the law of Attraction” or manifestation clearly and accurately.

• Continual 24/7 transmission of Higher self Light permeating within all Six Bodies and exuding outward into our world.

• Awakening of what some name the sixth sense, Higher intuition and psychic ability.

• The natural transformation of negative energy into positive energy

• The knowing of “source healing,” the dissolving of negative beliefs,  destructive programs and blocks.

• The remembering and awakening of dormant masteries and true purpose, both of which exponentially accelerate all forms of beneficial development.

• The flowing of inner peace and true happiness within our life.

Again, we stand behind “Meditation Mastery Activations” with a 1 Year “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The practice could simply not be for you or you may not feel ready for it – contact us and we will refund your money.

Some have cautioned us that there will be those that will purchase our product and then ask for a refund, essentially having our product for free.

We are unconcerned.  Most practitioners who are drawn to us are honorable for they have already heard the call of the Higher self within them.

More importantly, the practitioners who sustain the practice, unlock the qualities and properties, fully connect to their Higher self and attain Enlightenment are of incomparable importance to our world as opposed to the few who seek gain through deception.

In fact, because the qualities and properties cannot be unlocked from the practices alone, we welcome and sincerely invite anyone who has procured our products through less than honorable means to contact us – and our Master Teachers will perform the Attunements necessary for them to unlock the crucial maps, qualities and properties.

This is how indescribably revolutionary, powerful and vital the knowledge, energy and consciousness contained within ‘Meditation Mastery Activations’ is for all of us and our planet.

Correct understanding and thus application of knowledge into correct practice is so important that we also offer unlimited professional support for life – even if you are not a practitioner of the Guild.

The Meditation Mastery Activations:

Meditation Mastery includes 2 discourse sets, 1 guided meditation and 2 unguided meditations.  The individual prices for the sets are shown below but we now offer an introductory discounted price for the Meditation Mastery package as it is the Life Mastery Guild’s foundation practice.

If a practitioner is able to resonate with the knowledge, teachings, practices, qualities and properties of Meditation Mastery then they will know that they will resonate with our more advanced Attunements and practices too.

Meditation Mastery Discourse Activations – Original Price: $200

Meditation Mastery Guided Activations – Original Price: $200

Meditation Mastery Attunements – Original Price: $250

Professional Coaching and Support for life: Frankly, no monetary value can be set for a lifetime of support and teaching from expert teachers and Master teachers.

Our Special Introductory Offer for the entire Meditation Mastery Activations package: $650 $167

Here are the different parts that make up the set:

Meditation Mastery Attunements:

Our Attunement are the Astral and energetic maps and keys that unlock the qualities and properties of the technique.  They allow the qualities and properties to be both transmitted from the Master teachers through the technique to Six Bodies of the practitioner as well as allowing the qualities and properties to awaken from within the practitioner.  This continually strengthens, refines and reciprocates Higher energy and information of the paths and networks within the Six Bodies while building the bridges to the Higher self.

These Attunements are designed specifically for each practitioner within the Astral planes by our Master teachers.

Attunements, “empowerments” or “transmissions” have been one of the hidden crucial “secrets” in many Spiritual schools and lineages for centuries and have traditionally been given from Master to student only when the student has been determined by the Master to be of sincerity.

Many now understand the Attunement or transmission to be as important if not more important than the practices themselves for if a practitioner cannot unlock the qualities and properties of the technique or form they cannot develop.

The Guild places equal importance on both practice and the Attunements while acknowledging that in many cases Attunements will determine whether a practitioner will progress or be completely obscured from the true essence of the practices.

Meditation Mastery Discourse Activations:

3 hours of the specific knowledge required for correct practice such that you may build and cleanse the paths, bridges and networks allowing you to connect to your Higher Self.

These are explained in simple and logical detail to ensure that you completely and correctly understand how to enable the transformation to take place.  Through listening to the Discourse Activations a communication and transformation will already be taking place between the audio and your Six Bodies however intellectual understanding of the process and practice is still vitally important.

The knowledge and information on this set is genuinely profound and life changing.

The Meditation Mastery Guided Activations:

Where the Attunements are the keys and maps, the Activations are the training of the physical vessel and awareness through which the qualities and properties unlocked by the Attunements are able to communicate, educate and integrate into the Six Bodies.

When the Activations are used the Attunement becomes “active,”  essentially meaning that the practice is what allows the Attunement to activate the qualities and properties.

Without the practice the Attunement is not active – without the Attunement the qualities and properties are not awakened.

The Guided Activations are like a personal trainer for setting up the correct pathways, networks and connections between all Six Bodies.

The energy contained in the audio supports and guides the awareness and the Six Bodies to more correctly achieve the required qualities and properties as well as augmenting concentration and focus.

At its essence, this is a powerfully profound meditation practice unlike any other.  It has been designed and refined over generations specifically with the singular purpose of connecting to your Higher Self and strengthening the paths and networks between the Higher self and the Six Bodies.

Professional Coaching and Support:

“The advanced level of coaching and support alone is worth the entire package price many times over.” James C, NY

The awakening of your Higher Self is an incredibly sacred and profound experience. It is also one that is not commonly known about, talked about or shared within our world at this time.

It is for this reason that we offer a lifetime of professional support from both high level adepts and Master teachers…for a journey that is the most important one of your life.

The time to begin this journey is now.

Yours with Sincerity and Sacred Higher self Light,

The Master Teachers of Life Mastery Guild

P.S.  Remember that Life Mastery Guild is offering “Meditation Mastery Activations” for the introductory price of only $650 $167.  After taking advantage of our introductory offer, practicing the Activations and working with our adept support team you still find that you are unable to achieve the stated results simply return the product for a full refund.

Please Note:  Due to the current high demand for our Activations and Attunements it has become necessary for us to, at present utilize a “queue list,” as each Activation requires that the Attunement is designed and set by a Master Teacher that is specific to the unique pathways and networks of each practitioner. 

We apologize for any inconvenience, and all practitioners are always welcome.  This recent change is simply a necessity at this time so that we can continue to provide our services punctually and professionally.

If you wish to be placed on our “queue list” please feel completely welcome to contact us.

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