“Keep walking the path until the path walks you”

“Keep seeking your Higher self until your Higher self finds you.”

“Keep moving towards Enlightenment until Enlightenment has moved to you.”

The Guild practices and Attunements “open” or “allow” the “emergence” of the connective networks, conduits, pathways and linkages that allow one to receive a broader, deeper and more expansive range of one’s “Higher Body” information.

These Higher “multidimensional particles” of information – “received, processed and integrated” – such that one’s “Higher Bodies” can be engaged or “awakened” and “known” – with this felt direct experience then automatically and naturally developmentally transforming one’s “being” such that continual “Ascension” to one’s Higher self and Enlightenment can be attained.

“I felt my entire mind and body become flooded with the most beautiful divine light and love…a being of infinite compassion and grace greeted me and acknowledged itself as my Higher Self! I have been living in the most incredible state of ‘oneness’ – I feel as if I have come home to who I truly am! My relationships, my business, my home…everything in my world just seems to respond to this amazingly sublime state of being that I now am. I can see so much deeper into the world around me, I can see how events and energy affect the world around me, before they have happened and I just ‘know’ clearly how to influence my own reality and life.”

One’s physical, mental, emotional, Etheric, Spiritual and Karmic bodies move through cycles of transformation that are continually refined – by all these infinity qualities of one’s “Higher Bodies” – such that increasingly broader, deeper and more expansive “spectra” of one’s “multidimensional bodies” can be engaged, harmonized, stabilized and “Ascend” – giving “birth” or “emergence” to a fluidic stable, balanced “Spiritual Vehicle”, with this permitting passage to yet broader, deeper and more expansive multidimensional “branches” of one’s “Higher Bodies.”

As the capacity of one’s connective networks, conduits, pathways and linkages continues to transform and increase in its capacity to receive, integrate, process and refine, so too does one’s ability to naturally engage and enable an increasingly “greater” range – in the context of metaphysical mechanics – of multidimensional “Higher Body Sentience” and “Higher Body” abilities.

“Higher Bodies” are not naturally awake, conscious within most human beings.

The networks, conduits, pathways and linkages must be “built” – such that they are able to “awaken” and receive “Higher Body” sentience and information – from which one’s being is then able to fluidly stabilize, balance, flexibly strengthen and transform with exacting precision each “Higher” foundation or “spectra” – which once having developed sufficient “structural integrity,” connectivity and conductivity – now permitting or opening the “door” and “passage” for yet further developmental transformation to move, broaden, deepen and expand through to the next Higher “dimensional spectra.”

As the pathways continue to “rise” and “Ascend” multidimensionally – blockage, friction, adhesion and resistance loosen, dissolve and release – which naturally – due to the increasing absence of friction – allows for inertial power to “softly” yet substantially accelerate and optimize the process of developmental transformation through Higher, broader, deeper and more expansive “Spectra” – continually “moving” or “Ascending” to one’s Higher self.

Saturation in the “multidimensional spectra” of each respective “Higher self Body” as it moves and flows through our network conduits, nourishes each dimensional body and the pathways themselves – reaching “critical mass” – at which point the Higher sentience or Higher consciousness awakens one’s “Higher Sentience” – respective to this “multidimensional spectra.”

Through a continually cycling process of transformations allowing one’s whole “being” to pass through Higher and Lighter multidimensional bodies – finer qualities and quantities of Higher sentience saturate and nourish firstly the densest forms of our “being” – one’s physical body – then permeating through one’s emotional, mental, Etheric, Spiritual and Karmic Bodies.

Our Six Bodies – suffused through the “awakening” and saturation in the “substance” of our “Lighter” or “Higher Bodies” – transforms and purifies our physical, mental, emotional, Etheric, Spiritual and Karmic bodies into a type of “Body Temple Vehicle.”

The “finer,” broader, deeper and more expansive one’s “Body Temple Vehicle” – the greater the qualitative “multidimensional spectra” of “Higher Self information” hat is able to be received and directly processed into the cyclical process of developmental transformations.

This form of “information” – absorbed from one’s “Higher Bodies” – is able to bypass the restrictions and limits of the intellectual mind – instead directly actualizing one’s developmental transformations such that they one’s being is able to continually progress with incomparable clarity, precision, quality and efficiency.

The process of “Ascension,” “raising one’s vibration” to “Spirit,” one’s “Higher Bodies” – then “beyond vibration or form” – is simple when understood through “metaphysical mechanics”:

Suffuse the physical body in the “substance” or “particles” of Higher Body” information or “qualities.”

“Permit” or “open” for sufficient saturation in “Higher Body” information such that “Higher Sentience” emerges and is “known” through felt, direct experience.

“Open” to sufficient saturation in “Higher Sentience” such that “Higher Self Abilities” awaken.

“Open” to sufficient saturation in “Higher Self Abilities” such that naturalization occurs.

Be “effortlessly aware” – present – as “Higher Sentience,” “Higher Light” and “Higher Self Abilities” naturally “open” – or allow one’s “being” to pass through the Higher self path – with this continually developmentally transforming one’s “being” from the process of “saturation” in the “infinity qualities” of one’s “Higher Bodies.”

“Opening” the inertial power that naturally accumulates from passing continually through this path of transformations – with this “moving” one’s “being” until complete harmonization with one’s “Highest” or “Higher Self” is inevitably attained.

The Life Mastery Guild prioritizes seekers and practitioners that wish to become Masters and teachers in their own right.

“The beginner’s mind” – is an analogous to a flexible, adaptive, creative and unrestricted mind – this being optimal for broadening, deepening and expanding through the “multidimensional spectra” of one’s multidimensional “being” – enabling maximal clarity, understanding and logical function to be in coordination and reciprocating developmental transformation with Higher intuition and one’s “Spirit Senses.

This is an immensely powerful attribute or ability – one that can be developed or further strengthened – regardless of one’s present level of ability.

“The eternal student” in the context of hierarchical structures where one is either not permitted to “surpass the Master” – whether through group pressure or inner fears – is ultimately detrimental to the practitioner, “the Master” and indeed the collective consciousness of all sentient beings.

This fear “contracts” the mind, clarity and perceptual awareness – the opposing non-complimentary qualities which block the broadening, deepening and expanding into and through multidimensional, infinite or universal consciousness.

Mastery – complete harmonization with one’s Higher Self cannot be attained if one seeks to remain immobilized in a hierarchical structure that limits the awareness, mind and consciousness.

The Guild seeks to “open” the “door” for all practitioners to “become” Masters.

While it is true that in the context of learning how to developmentally transform that the most optimal path is to learn from the most experienced teachers and Masters – this applicable to developing expertise in any area or field – a genuine Master or teacher seeks to educate – that is to assist and support any sincere seeker or practitioner to become Masters or teachers in their own right.

This is the reason the Life Mastery Guild must prioritize our time, efforts and teachings for seekers and practitioners that similarly wish to serve, assist or support for the Higher evolution of all sentient beings – or the collective consciousness.

One who wishes only to serve oneself will only minimally – if at all – “touch” or “fall into corrupted illusion” – a false mental construct of their true Higher self – since the very attachment to the illusion of “superiority” to the “Higher self” of another – is the very obstacle and hindrance which prevents them from experiencing the unity or essential “oneness” beyond all form or “beings.”

True Masters and teachers will assist and support the Higher evolution of all seekers and practitioners – thus affecting many – with these many becoming true Masters and teachers in their own right – then also affecting many.

As such – whether a seeker or practitioner – one will “Ascend,” “evolve” and transform through the Higher self and Enlightenment path most optimally – if in resonance with this purpose – since one who practices, serves, assists and supports for the Higher evolution of all sentient beings – will by natural correlation and reciprocity receive “resources,” assistance and support from all sentient beings that also seek this attainment.

The Life Mastery Guild welcomes all who resonate with this purpose if they seek to learn, develop and transform through the “passage” we actualize through – the Higher self and Enlightenment path – to contact us if ready and willing to discover, “know,” experience and “emerge” into your Higher self and Enlightenment.