Meditation Mastery

The Life Mastery Guild is offering “Meditation Mastery” free of monetary charge in an effort to support the many who presently require a practical way to in short “strengthen” their being.

Regardless of whether one is Spiritually inclined or not it will be clearly observable to all that there is a global change that due to its “steep” acceleration is creating vastly greater stress on the physical, mental and emotional levels, at the individual level of “self” and the level of colllective consciousness.

Care and protection necessitates taking appropriate cautions such as hygiene and so forth – however cautions must also be engaged toward ones own inner “dangers” such as finding ways to diminish inner stress, anxiety and fear which only further stress the physical, mental and emotional bodies – which correlatively then have greater detrimental effect upon the immune system.

Meta – its meaning being essentially “greater” or “larger” – from which the more commonly defined word “metaphysical” is derived – awareness that the bio-electrical field of the emotions and mind permeate through the physical body – vibrationally rippling like waves through the Astral, energy, Spiritual and Causal or Karmic bodies – with these then cycling these patterns – akin to software returning further powered commands to the hardware of all the bodies – inclusive of the physical, emotional and mental – ensures that the “tuning” of coordinated commands is supportive, nourishing and fortifying for your whole being.

The only fee required will be the self-honesty or sincerity and self-discipline given to the practice.

These “ingredients” brought to practice will determine the degree or level of developmental transformation and functional ability that is reciprocally returned to you.

Be well.

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