Meditation Mastery


Engage the Highest universal mechanics, awakening connection to your Higher self, its path made clear, unfolding before you, flowing through its passage, enabling the developmental transformation that moves you to Enlightenment.

“I felt my entire mind and body become flooded with the most beautiful divine light and love…a being of infinite compassion and grace greeted me and acknowledged itself as my Higher Self!  I have been living in the most incredible state of ‘oneness’ – I feel as if I have come home to who I truly am! My relationships, my business, my home…everything in my world just seems to respond to this amazingly sublime state of being that I now am. I can see so much deeper into the world around me, I can see how events and energy affect the world around me, before they have happened and I just ‘know’ clearly how to influence my own reality and life.”

G Allen, Auckland, N.Z.

“Meditation Mastery” through concept, principle, Attunement and energy, coordinates your being such that it can engage the mechanics necessary for connecting with the entire spectrum of your multidimensional self, the Highest aspect of which is your Higher self.

Connection to your Higher self at any level of the dimensional formations which comprise your “consciousness” and “being” is the foundation for Enlightenment.  The reason for this is because the  insight, understanding and knowing given and experienced from this connection, awaken the Highest, illimitable and undeniable reasons, meaning and energy for attaining this goal.  When these specifics are given clarity as to your truest purpose,  they naturally unify and coordinate all the qualities and vehicles which comprise your being, enabling them to engage with the mechanics required for developmentally transforming towards your Highest potential with optimal refinement.  The process of developmental transformation when connected to your Higher self, as opposed to not, could be compared to the difference between driving a motor vehicle with the brakes on versus driving without unnecessary resistance.

As the actions are engaged, this being the practice, experience brings true insight, understanding and knowing, rather than mere intellectual conjecture and philosophy based not on experience but assumption.  As these qualities reciprocally inform and coordinate with your perceptual awareness, your ability to pass through subtler and subtler levels of dimensional formation increases.  Then by continually progressing through these cycles, a “tipping point” is reached, where inertial power shifts the balance such that continued developmental transformation becomes naturally inherent to all that comprises your being.   Passing through any and all “terrain” – obstruction, tether and bindings of all forms are released, movement is without restriction and eventually and inevitably origin is reached, then it too passed through.  Being no longer tethered to constructs and their binding illusions, enchantments, obscurations and limitations, the experience of true freedom, unconditional peace, clear understanding, authentic compassion and all encompassing love can finally be known.  Absent obscuring obstruction, pure unadulterated Light passes through us without hindrance.  Enlightenment has been attained.

For some the aforementioned will already have brought clear resonance, been recognized as such and known to be that which you have been seeking.  If this is you and you wish to begin as soon as possible simply contact the Guild to apply.   If you seek further intellectual information in order to more clearly sense, hear and engage your inner resonance greater detail has been included in subsequent pages.

Moreover, the universal mechanics engaged in Meditation Mastery are the foundations upon which the qualities and vehicles developed in “the Esoteric Warrior” and “Psychic Mastery” extend from.  As such, to gain deeper insight into both respective Activations the knowledge given in subsequent pages details the fundamental qualities, mechanics, Higher meaning and properties that “Meditation Mastery,” “the Esoteric Warrior” and “Psychic Mastery” all engage, in different ways or forms, yet in function, for unified, singular purpose.

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