. Meditation Mastery .

“I felt my entire mind and body become flooded with the most beautiful divine light and love…a being of infinite compassion and grace greeted me and acknowledged itself as my Higher Self!  I have been living in the most incredible state of ‘oneness’ – I feel as if I have come home to who I truly am! My relationships, my business, my home…everything in my world just seems to respond to this amazingly sublime state of being that I now am. I can see so much deeper into the world around me, I can see how events and energy affect the world around me, before they have happened and I just ‘know’ clearly how to influence my own reality and life.”

G Allen, Auckland, NZ.

“The teachers’ teachers. Period.”

Jack Greenwood, Qigong and Manifestation teacher.

“I am a publicist for several experts in fields including teachers of manifestation, healing and Spiritual growth.  They have all essentially said the same thing to me, “the Life Mastery Guild has masters that other teachers want to learn from.”  This is my opinion too.  I spent over 2 decades working for 3 of the biggest publishing houses in the world and met hundreds of teachers in the Spiritual, healing and manifestation arena.  The teachers at Life Mastery Guild are the best of the best.”

Ed Morris, Publicist, New York, USA.
Samsonite Publishing

“There is a lot of information these days about ‘The Secret’ and the Laws of Attraction but the problem as people are realizing is getting this stuff to work in their favor. As a kinesiologist I work a lot on clearing limiting beliefs and installing supporting ones, the problem however is that often the subconscious body does not recognize the energy of new beliefs and so it can take many sessions to gradually build up a new support structure. By activating the Higher Self consciousness your system seems to bypass the subconscious and go directly to the unconscious which allows the body to change core programs extremely quickly. I have even had some success using these activations at the genetic level, which is something I had never achieved before.”

Erica P, Kinesiologist and Reiki Master, Victoria, Australia.

“After many years of personal practice and teaching I can genuinely say that the teachers and practices of the Life Mastery Guild are peerless.  I haven’t yet encountered any other systems or teachers that even come close.   Furthermore, they have been incredibly  supportive in helping me to fill in the gaps in my own original system and rather than attempting to have me join their system they have been strongly encouraging me to keep my original system alive.  Their perspective is that different systems appeal to different people and that what is truly important is that people are able to learn the practices no matter who or what system they learn it from.  They are true, sincere Masters in my eyes.”

Lucy L, San Francisco.

“Stands apart from the plethora of spiritual, jargon based, fluff that achieves next to nothing in terms of real results.”

Brenda H, Meditation Teacher, Toronto.

“Real tools for people who are serious about experiencing and harnessing the power of the Higher Self. “Meditation Mastery Activations” does not beat around the bush. Free of cliches and ritualistic traditions, this series is something truly special. It just  works.”

Sonya R, Medical Intuitive, Wellington.

“I’m a fanatic when it comes to the laws of attraction. There has always been a bit of a discrepancy when it comes to what actually works and what doesn’t, but I have known for a long time that the Higher Self connection is the most important ingredient. Intention, psionics and so on all play their part, but these are all just ways to harness energy so to speak. The Higher Self consciousness is pretty much the nuclear reactor of energy and it can’t be beat. The problem has always been the training involved to get an effective, solid and permanent connection to the Higher self. You’ve provided this and extremely well I might add. I can sincerely say that my ability to manifest both accurately and effectively has increased at least 30 times in the last 5 weeks from the knowledge that you’ve shared with me!”

John G, Stock Broker, WA.

“I have practiced Yoga and meditation for many years, but failed to have any real spiritual experiences. I had come to the conclusion that spirituality was just appreciating the normal everyday. Now I realize that I had never really trained my ability to perceive, let alone communicate with spirit or the Higher Self. Now that I have the ability I cannot help but connect with my spirituality in a profoundly different way. Thank you.”

Elias C, Yoga Teacher, NY.

“If there is a greater method for systematic Higher Self connection I have yet to come across it. This stuff comes across with the practical solidity and focus of a freight train.”

Jack K, Reiki Teacher, U.K.

“I’ve found the Guild to be the most knowledgeable, effective, clear, logical and ‘dead shot’ precision teachers and Master teachers that I’ve met in my life.  They’ve also been the only teachers who’ve been able to teach me how to actually connect with my Higher self.  I’ve met a lot of teachers who ‘talk big’ but either don’t make sense or can’t teach.  The Guild teachers are the complete opposite.  They ‘talk straight,’ are the most humble and honest teachers I’ve met and their teachings bring colossally tremendous results.”

Hamer, A, Engineer, Brisbane.

“Meditation Mastery has given us a tangible and straight forward method for communicating and experiencing the Higher Self. For a long time dedicated practitioners have used methods that even after decades do not necessarily bring this connection. This no nonsense approach to spirituality is a hurricane of well needed fresh air!”

Gabrielle, S, Healer and Meditation Practitioner, Berlin.

“The missing link to the Law of Attraction! I could feel my chakras and body reacting to the information as I listened to it and by the end I felt as if I my mind had been stretched, expanded and opened up. My capacity to carry more prana and knowledge has grown far beyond anything that I have achieved before.”

Lorena D, Pranic Healer and Manager of ‘Arcane and Angels,’ Toronto.

“This is the source of practical knowledge that I’ve been searching for my entire life.” Nicole H, C.A.

“I have no words except, true excellence.”  Grant K, U.K.

“In over 30 years of dedicated spiritual practice, the Guild teachings have finally brought me the results that I’ve been looking for, actual, genuine connection with my Higher Self.  To say that I’m eternally grateful to the Guild is an understatement but I just have no other words.” Tom G, MD, SA.

. Psychic Mastery Attunements .

“What can I say about Psychic Mastery? It is quite possibly the most solid foundation for developing real psychic abilities out there today.” Gillian M, Reiki Master, VIC.

“I had always had a suspicion that the psychic abilities held an untapped potential for reaching Enlightenment. Now I know for sure that they do. Psychic Mastery Attunements shows you why and how. The Guild possibly also has the most dedicated teachers on the planet or I should say I haven’t met any who are more so.” William D, Healer, QLD.

“I was able to see symbols and past life programming holographically imprinted within my chakras and energy field. By moving deeper into these “links” I found I could release past life Karma and programming.” Graham B, Engineer, WA

“From the first day of using this activation I began to see a flashing of light within my consciousness. Over the weeks this light became more pronounced, until one night something in me shifted. My mind opened into a vast dimension of light that seemed to be moving at an incredible speed. Eventually I just “surrendered” and allowed myself to float in this divine bliss.” Maggie C, Naturopath, SA.

. The Esoteric Warrior .

“In the past I’ve found it challenging to get very far with spiritual practice but the Life Mastery system has finally allowed me to experience the true nature of my self – the spiritual self. Just as important has been the coaching – it has made an incredible difference. The advanced level of coaching and support alone is worth the entire package price many times over.” James C, NY

“An incredibly beautiful and blissful experience is to be had here. Thank you very much. ” Tan K, QLD.

“As a long time practitioner of Kundalini Yoga I am doubtful of new modalities coming out about the Kundalini and I tried this grudgingly on the enthusiastic promptings of a good friend and fellow practitioner.  I have to say that I am incredibly impressed which is something I say very rarely.  This activation and the Guild teachers have helped me to understand and experience the Kundalini in ways that I never even knew existed. As a Kundalini yoga practitioner I also have to state that I have the utmost respect for how safe and stable the practices are while also being more effective than anything I’ve practiced before.  I strongly recommend this to practitioners of Kundalini yoga as I am willing to bet that it will add dimensions to your practice and experience that you never realized even existed.” Robert G, WA

“The spontaneous Kundalini is such a profoundly, beautiful experience. This Soul level reunion is something that I have felt I needed for many years…now I’ve got it…and thank you so much! And the wisdom on this attunement…positively mind blowing! I feel so clear on this path to Enlightenment. It’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago, I really had no concept of what it was, let alone how to get there and now I do!” Lucinda M, VIC

“In many years of practice mainly in Shamanic traditions this is perhaps the most effective “Soul” level meditation and integration that I have come across. I am very impressed with the way that you have made such a highly advanced method so easy to understand and practice. This is one of the biggest spiritual shifts that I have had in the last 20 years. ” Amy T, Healer, TX

“I am profoundly moved not only by the time that the teachers at the Guild have spent with me but also with the absolute depth of compassion and wisdom that you continuously and effortlessly share with me. You always seem to understand exactly what I require in order to shift to the next level of my practice. Your level of understanding, wisdom and compassion is a living example of the incredible power of these practices. I am as always very thankful.” John, S, Marketing Manager, W.A.

“The knowledge the Guild gives should be listened to, re-listened to then listened to again. The information contained here is quite simply, priceless. Every success in life comes from mastery. What you have given me and many others here equates to a manual for the art of living.”

Gerald B.K., Editor, CA.

“I had previously been on medication for depression and anxiety which over the years had been making me numb inside. Counseling just was not working for me and I can honestly say that there where times that I despaired that I would never be in control of my life. Since using this system I just feel so good and strong, it is almost like I am living another life! I have not needed medication for 12 months now and my life has taken a really positive turn. Thank you so much.”

Simone S, Student, Sydney.

“I have been looking for the answers to curing depression all my life. Been in and out of therapy which made me feel worse – on and off anti-depressants which just made me numb. The first day I practiced the Guild methods I felt more ‘me’ than I have in years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Lisa B, Accountant, Perth, Australia.

“Your program should be compulsory in schools.”

Dr. Bradley S, New York, U.S.A.

 . Other Guild Services and Support .

“I’ll admit that after almost 50 years experience I thought I was sure I’d pretty much seen it all and the only reason I even made contact with the Guild was because a very good friend who barely ever recommends anything told me I’d regret it.  I hadn’t even looked through their website because as I said I thought I’d seen it it all but reasoned that I had nothing to lose by just sending them an email to see if they really did have anything for me.  I immediately was put in my place not by the teacher I corresponded with but just because I realized how great the divide was between what I thought I’d developed and how developed the teacher and all the teachers I’ve communicated with since are.

Every detail and point I’ve need to flesh out and work on the Guild teachers have known and described perfectly for me as if they know me better than I know myself which is probably not far from the truth.  It has been a real honor to have come into contact with masters that I probably for the first time in my life have no hesitation in saying are enlightened.  That they’ve been able to teach and develop in me in just a year what I never got in 50 years speaks to their mastery.  I really could go on and on but it would just be words so I’ll just end my review by stating that if anyone reading this is truly looking for “how to become enlightened” just email the teachers at the Guild.  One email and you’ll know that the Guild teachers have the goods and can deliver.”

Mark G.  New York, U.S.A.

I’ve found the Guild Attunements and techniques incredibly eye-opening.  This type of development is not something I’d been exposed to previously and I was somewhat skeptical as to how effective it would prove to be.  I’m convinced.  This is the real deal. ”

Noah S, Biologist, Geneva, Switzerland.

I would highly recommend any serious Spiritual practitioner to try or at least contact the Guild teachers.  What they do can be integrated into any Enlightenment “style.”  They have clearly spent years mastering their skill and were able to demonstrate and leave no doubt about their efficacy.  Perhaps most importantly they are able to deconstruct and convey the principles, Attunements and methods with fantastic clarity, providing a definitive path to demonstrable skill acquisition. ”

Alexander P, Oslo, Norway.

“Everything that I’ve received from The Guild from techniques to Attunements has been invaluable and has revolutionized my Spiritual development.  The teachers are extremely clear and precise and their understanding of alignment, connectedness and what I specifically need to do to progress is always spot on.”

Dr. R Chen, Shanghai, China.