Our Purpose

The singular purpose of the Guild is to preserve, protect and teach the knowledge of how to engage “Higher universal mechanics” which will allow anyone to connect fully to their Higher self, with this connection revealing their Higher purpose, path and the unlocking of the abilities that will enable Enlightenment to be attained.  The Guild provide the “keys” that open the “doors,” allowing Higher universal mechanic essences to be found, and the passage of the Higher self and Enlightenment path to be open to full attainment, whether one is a raw beginner or an adept. 

“I felt my entire mind and body become flooded with the most beautiful divine light and love…a being of infinite compassion and grace greeted me and acknowledged itself as my Higher Self!  I have been living in the most incredible state of ‘oneness.’  I feel as if I have come home to who I truly am! My relationships, my business, my home…everything in my world just seems to respond to this amazingly sublime state of being that I now am. I can see so much deeper into the world around me, I can see how events and energy affect the world around me, before they have happened and I just ‘know’ clearly how to influence my own reality and life.”

G Allen, Auckland, NZ.

The foundational Activation and Attunement, developing the qualities which engage the Higher mechanics necessary for the attainment of complete and full Enlightenment, and from which all our advanced transformational Activations and Attunements are built upon and extend from is the Guild’s world renown “Meditation Mastery Activations.” The meaning of Enlightenment commonly differs, which is in many ways natural since usage of language often changes with time, sometimes minutely and sometimes significantly, in correlation to changes in society and culture.  This being said, word and definition provide context and from context we are able to understand value, reason and purpose.  As such, whether shared or not, definition is critically important and for reason of the aforementioned specifics, the Guild gives definition of Enlightenment as the complete unbinding of any and all obstructions tethered within the entire spectrum of what is commonly known as our consciousness or awareness.  Here, free of additive, free of fabrication, free of construct and narrative, pure, unadulterated, true and complete freedom is experientially “known.”  Untethered from construct or addiction and thus unbound from their enslaving formations which cause suffering and obstructive obscuration, we pass unrestricted through the passage of the Higher self, unfolding into deeper levels of unconditional inner peace, until finally and inevitably our developmental transformation moves us to Enlightenment.

It is as preservers of the knowledge and instruction in the Higher universal mechanics necessary to open the passage, this being the path of the Higher self, the passing through of which enables the developmental transformation which brings attainment of complete Enlightenment, that the Guild exists.  The universal mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path are unconditional and similar to any observable natural laws do not discriminate.  They are not creations of human forms of ethics, morals, right or wrong but can more similarly be compared to the indiscriminate, neutrality of nature.  For instance, ice left in the sun will melt, this occurring absent either malicious nor benevolent intent but simply due to the design of natural laws.  The Higher universal mechanics that engage and enable the Higher self and Enlightenment path are the same.  They are unconditional and when engaged unbind the tethers to all blockages which obstruct and obscure connection to our Higher self, purpose and path.  As a result, the developmental transformation that takes place in perfect correlation enables true unconditional inner peace, freedom and a clear, unrestricted path to Enlightenment.

Those that have sought, felt or “heard” within themselves the call of their Higher self, path or purpose will recognize, resonate or in some way sense that now is the time.  The call, whether it has been faint or resounding, has been persistent.  A continual loyal friend, reminding you that your Higher self is ready to be fully connected to and allowing you, whether through intuition or intellect, to know that you have found what you have been searching for.  It is for you, having sought in earnest, perhaps finding pieces of knowledge, instruction and insight that the Guild is here with the complete map.  It is with this map that you can finally and full connect with your awakened Higher self.  Then with its Higher universal mechanics and qualities engaged, Higher passage is opened, which then in passing through, unbinds all illusion, allowing for the attainment of Enlightenment.

Prior to a degree of experiential insight, understanding and knowing, the mechanics required to developmentally transform and progress through the Higher self and Enlightenment path must initially be taught through technique, in the same way that absent experience, concept, principle and instruction can initially only be communicated through word and the intellect.  Technique is merely a form with its own rules, restrictions and limitations however, the purpose of the technique being to develop the qualities that enable us to pass through these rules, restrictions and limitations and engage directly with Higher universal mechanics and essences.  Progressing through the Higher self path, with developmental transformation moving you to Enlightenment then becomes so exceeding simple that a 4 year old child can engage their Higher path.

The qualities that are developed through this process continue to refine in their ability to articulate, coordinate and in effect increasingly optimize our functional ability to move through subtler and subtler dimensions of formation.  It is important to understand that technique as instructed by different lineages and systems may or may not function in this way, in some cases for important reason and at other times simply due to misunderstanding of the mechanics, with these misunderstandings following through into the practice of concept, principle, instruction and technique.  Once again, this is not to denigrate any other systems or lineages, since many variables can contribute to circumstance and the subsequent consequential goals, purpose, choices, decisions and actions.

It is important to understand in the context of achieving the treasures of meditation, that where rote, “passive” practice of technique, if it elicits positive result at all, will still commonly function and bring effect during the practice itself, with these fading from the moment that practice is ended.  Engaging directly with the essence and qualities contained within the technique is what develops the ability to coordinate with Higher universal mechanics which remain actively engaged even when formal practiced is ended. This could be compared to placing ice in the sun, forgetting about it, then returning and observing that the heat from the sun, as is of its inherent nature, has transformed the ice to liquid and liquid to vapor.

Connecting directly with Higher universal mechanics is also what allows us to engage fully with our Higher self, with this then enabling our Higher purpose and path to be revealed, as well as most importantly permitting us to move through our Higher path. Furthermore, the developmental transformation of our being that occurs as we pass through our Higher self path is where release of blockages, these being the causes that obscure Higher Light, which is essentially Higher knowledge, takes place.  As our capacity to receive, integrate and release Higher Light or knowledge increases, so too does our being, in perfect correlation, refine, expand, deepen and broaden in its ability to functionally understand and manifest our Higher purpose.

It is commonly taken for granted and accepted that the natural laws and universal mechanics which result in the sun transforming ice to liquid and liquid to vapor are inevitable each and every time.  Higher universal mechanics , while less commonly understood, when engaged also share the result of inevitability.  We first learn how to engage Higher universal mechanics, engage them, then simply allow the connection to continue, with time and inertia, which could also be defined as sustained and directed energy, organically nourishing and strengthening the networks and conduits to our Higher self and the resultant Higher developmental transformations and abilities that will inevitably manifest.

Our intent to engage in the required actions, following through into actual engagement of the required actions, develop the qualities which enable the mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path to become active.  Sustained practice refines our qualities, hones the articulation of how they coordinate, with our abilities becoming increasingly optimized in how they are able to function and effectually manifest.  Furthermore,  similar to how a ball, if rolled upon the ground, will continue to roll before eventually diminishing in inertial power due to friction such that its movement stops if it is not provided with further energy, the mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path continue to move, refine and positively develop through sustained, regular practice.  As our sensitivity, articulation, refinement and coordination of all that comprise these mechanics continually increase, our qualities increase in their functional ability to pass through the terrain that presents itself on the Higher path with less and less obstruction and resistance.  The diminishing of obstructive resistance or friction by default naturally enables the qualities, essences and mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path to sustain developmental movement for increasingly longer periods of time, with our Higher abilities thus further refining and honing in function as a result.  In continuing to progress through the cycles of developmental transformation of this process, in time, inevitably a shift occurs where the inertial power of our mechanics is sufficient to sustain throughout our daily life, passing with little to no friction or resistance, through any and all formations that present themselves.  At this stage, the quality between our formal practice sessions and our daily life is essentially equal.

Depending on how each practitioner wishes to manage the progress of their developmental transformation, it is during this stage that some may choose to engage in less practice, decreasing inertial power and maintaining their present level for a time, some may choose to maintain the same amount of practice, steadily yet slowly increasing inertial power, while others may choose to increase their time given to practice, substantially accelerating inertial power.

Certain aspects of this could be compared to the of riding of a bicycle where our physical action gives energy to the mechanics of the bicycle, increasing its forward inertia, with the more forward inertia gained by the bicycle, allowing the bicycle to be more able to self-sustain its own forward movement.  Consequently, less and less is the physical action which gives energy to the mechanics of the bicycle required, while the same steady speed can be approximately maintained.  If physical action is engaged less than what is sufficient to maintain the same approximate speed, inertial power decreases.  If more physical action is engaged than what is necessary to maintain the same approximate speed, giving more energy to the mechanics, the inertial power of the bicycle increases.

In determining whether the mechanics which enable the Higher self path and Enlightenment as instructed by the Guild it is important to consider upon the aforementioned specifics.  Explicitly pertaining to the development, engagement and enabling of self-sustaining qualities, vehicles and mechanics, it should be clear that the Guild methodology is not a path simply for amusement or idle curiosity but that due to the nature of how these mechanics function, that in consideration of whether to make the choice to engage with this path, sincerity is the determining factor.  This quality in functional terms is comprised of the quality of determination, which among other functions also sustains the action of “pushing on the pedal of the bicycle,”  maintaining “forward movement,” self-honesty which is the willingness and action of allowing ourselves to admit, note or perceive any and all formations which we observe within us, and courage which is the willingness and action to continue to pass through any and all formations which we observe within ourselves.  Sincerity as functional ability, is the engagement of these qualities through our actions, especially our formal practice.  For it is through the enabling of these qualities that Higher developmental transformation continues to both occur and to fluidly move us through the path of the Higher self, releasing tether, binding, obstruction and obscuration and shifting us to Enlightenment.


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