The Esoteric Warrior

“The Esoteric Warrior” was originally named in honor to the role and function of the Soul or Karmic Body, the vessel that endures, carrying the threads of cause and effect, accumulated over a lifetime, and with the most inertial power, and from which the design and manufacture of the next incarnation is produced.  The Karmic body is also commonly known due to the preservation and protection of concept, principle and knowledge from certain schools and lineages as the Kundalini.  Though in modern day, the definition of “esoteric” has taken on an aura of mystery, in purely mechanical and objective terms, esoteric simply pertains to our internal world, while exoteric pertains to our external world.  Understood in this context, “the Esoteric Warrior” could also be defined as “the Internal Warrior.”  Out of respect to the Masters and teachers who passed from generation to generation, knowledge and instruction of how to engage and enable developmental transformation through the vessel of the Karmic body, the Guild has preserved the name.  For the purpose of demystifying the mysterious however it is important to clarify the pure meaning of the word, name and concept ascribed.

Our macrocosmic composition, inclusive of our attributes, values, beliefs, who and how we perceive and experience ourselves to be, with these specifics engaging causes and effects that design our lives, as enabled from the choices and actions we coordinate with our perception of reality are manufactured from the Karmic body or Soul.  Though obscured in parable, the meaning of “the Soul as tainted” pertains to the additive formations, also known as Karma, which are able to continue to pass through the subtler dimensional paths through their inertial power, when our physical vessel has died.  The coarser, denser additive formations regardless of inertial power, do not have sufficient flexibility and sensitivity to move through the substrate upon death, thus remaining with the physical body.  As an aside, the retaining of these denser formations within the physical body is one reason why those who have received organ transplants have been known to have memory, desire or aversion to experiences once held by the donor.  The subtler, yet inertially powerful Karmic threads and compositions which are able to pass through the denser substrates of the physical body upon its death, carry the design, as accumulated over a vast multidimensional spectrum of past, present, parallel and future incarnations.

The Higher self cannot be “tainted” in this way since it is inclusive of complete multidimensional spectrum, is without tether and binding to any dimensional formation, thus allowing it to pass unrestricted throughout the entire multidimensional spectrum, free of any construct that tether, binding or obstruction require in order for adhesion to occur.  Free of construct, narrative, tether or binding however, the Higher self neither interferes or intervenes with choice and action as determined by the composition of qualities and vehicles which comprise our incarnation as designed by our Karmic body.  Choice can only be as free as the limitation and restrictions we are tethered and bound to within our design however the essence of true free choice and action is aligned with pure, unadulterated awareness, and this too is the alignment of the Higher self.  Thus, while the Higher self can pass unrestricted through the entire multidimensional spectrum, it will not enforce, interfere or manipulate the choices and actions we make as determined by the design of our Karmic body.  For this reason, working directly with the Karmic body, through the vessel of our physical body, engaging the qualities and vehicles of expansion, deepening and broadening, increases our range of choices and potential actions, which enables greater connection with our Higher self, its path,  and with this by default naturally expanding, deepening and broadening our functional ability to coordinate the developmental transformation that moves us through the Higher path to Enlightenment.

As with Psychic Mastery, “the Esoteric Warrior” engages the same mechanics as Meditation Mastery, the functional qualities and vehicles of movement remaining of primary importance, the ultimate destination of Enlightenment being the same singular goal, yet the direction taken different.  With synonymous mechanics, singular goal, yet different direction to the goal, “completion of the circle” has for most practitioners, enabled the most optimal, efficient functionality for attaining the ultimate goal.  There are always exceptions, though in the context of attainment of the absolute goal of the Higher self and Enlightenment path, this is rare and becoming rarer.  The reason for this is largely due to the countless constructs, distractions and designs of the modern world which have the effect of entangling and distorting perceptual awareness, logical process and the conduits and networks which function to receive and release the particle information, bringing the insight capable of enabling the developmental transformation that moves us to Enlightenment.

The reason that inertial threads, as carried by our Karmic body, continually design our incarnation in correlation to these threads, is to learn and evolve.  The directions and destinations towards which we learn and evolve can be almost countless however, and never automatically in a direction and destination for our greater good, the evidence and indication of which can be noted simply by observing the values we choose to enable, how our values and actions are manifesting at a collective level in our countries, societies and people, and the interactions of these compositions of our values at the collective level of consciousness which each other.  Absent connection with our Higher self, the direction of our learning and evolution commonly becomes tethered, bound and coordinated by the social, cultural and familial constructs of our present reality and environment.  Tethered and bound by these constructs, our Karmic body coordinates for the most part with narratives and designs which are observably limited, restrictive and commonly regressive.  As such without at the very least a rudimentary connection with the Higher self, our development will be clearly observed to repeatedly manifest destructive and self-sabotaging elements in our lives and reality, observable at the individual level as well as at the levels of country, society and culture, with these inertial Karmic threads passing through and designing successive incarnations.

Like a child without guidance and thrown into a new environment, the child must learn to survive however the tools and abilities acquired to survive are often a double-edged sword.  An example of this is a child who has been emotionally hurt and learns to “harden their heart” in an effort to protect their self.  This has the effect of numbing their perception of feeling, which must by design construct tether, binding and obscuration within their awareness.  Moreover,   the numbing of feeling itself, while it may provide respite in the short-term, while the child does not have other abilities to protect themselves, later commonly becomes a detrimental factor within their life.  For as the child grows into adulthood the same designs of protection will manufacture themselves, regardless of whether the adult now has many other abilities and capabilities, thus if not released, these designs will continue to create formations and perceived realities coordinated by fear, commonly resulting in destructive actions and choices which manifest within their lives and often to the detriment of their relationships both with others and themselves.  Unless conscious action is applied to release the tethers and bindings to these detrimental, destructive and no longer necessary patterns, and instead engagement with beneficial paths is enabled, the design and manufacture of choice and action from these harmful patterns will continue to manifest their ruinous constructs throughout life.

Karma does not adhere to human constructs of morality, ethics, right and wrong.  From the “perspective” of universal mechanics, which coordinates Karma, the process could be understood as the maintaining of balance, through a continual and immediate, correlation from cause to effect.  When observed at a broader macrocosmic level, this continual and perfectly corresponding effect balancing cause, is fluidic in its stability.  Karma coordinates all from the subtlest dimensions to the most obvious ones, not coordinated by human constructs of morality and ethics but through the mechanics of physics, fluidly sustaining immediate balance from cause to effect, whether the cause is sentient, non-sentience, conscious or unconscious.

When tethers to Karma are not released, they accumulate continually and relentlessly, yet without either intent of punishment nor reward.  Simply reciprocation to what is given, the return being an increase in the inertial power of what is given, which results in the strengthening of that which is given, regardless of whether we as human incarnates define by our own fabricated constructs the manifestation as moral, immoral, right or wrong.  Entanglement occurs through the accumulation of many threads thrown together again and again, without release, with the inertial power of some threads sharing common purpose, while the inertial power of others push towards opposing purposes.  The result is chaos in all 6 Bodies and the awareness.

These many Karmic entanglements then attempt to coordinate balance, yet due to distortion of electrical information being transmitted, and potential clarity obscured, will continue to manifest further entanglement, through all incarnations unless the tethers and bindings to their formations are released.  When tether  is released, the formation ceases to be of relevance in context of its ability to have control over us, since when formation is no longer bound to us, we are completely free of its restrictions, limitations and obstructive obscuration.

The techniques given in “the Esoteric warrior” engage the Karmic body, first allowing the perceptual awareness to observe the accumulated compositions of Karmic threads which have designed and manufactured the self and reality we experience and perceive.  The qualities and vehicles which enable the same mechanics developed through Meditation Mastery, now engaged with the Karmic body coordinate the release of Karmic formations and designs throughout its complete spectrum, from the most enduring of Karmic design and composition, to the subtlest causal sources.  Coordinated with our continually increasing expansive, deepening and broadening connection with the Higher self, direction and destination is unified with meaning, worth and purpose which increasingly aligns with our Highest potential and greater good.  As detrimental, destructive, design and manufacturing Karmic formations are unbound, we increasingly gain experiential insight and understanding pertaining to the commonly sought answer to the age old question, this being what is the meaning of life.

The sustaining of practice, is the sustaining of the mechanics which increasingly deepen, broaden and expand our qualities and vehicles which are capable of revealing greater insight and understanding at the experiential level.  The clue given in texts of “the Soul being infinite” is  understood through experience, as the qualities and vehicles engaging universal mechanics with the Karmic body, bringing realization that in order to learn and evolve, “the infinite Soul” designed and manufactured not merely our present incarnation, but many parallel incarnations, and thus many past and future incarnations.  The function of this being to optimize efficiency of learning and evolution.

Similar to a team purposed to achieve a goal, it is logical to discern that many incarnations designed and manufactured to learn and evolve, are illimitable in their capacity to fulfill their goal when compared with only one.  Without guidance however even the many can and will easily fall into the entanglements and distortions of social and cultural constructs, both from our present incarnation and from the accumulated threads of the multitude of others.  Higher self connection, even rudimentary, when coordinated with the Karmic body engages a “guiding light,”  with the engagement of these two “old friends” enabling a form of communication, through universal mechanics, that informs, educates and invokes developmental transformation of the Karmic body such that it is able to know and understand why and how to disentangle entanglements, clarify distortions, release tether and binding to Karmic formations of detrimental design, why the path of the Higher self is the direction that allows learning and evolution of our greatest good and how it may most optimally function to move in this direction.

The more that the Karmic body and perceptual awareness gains experiential insight, understanding and knowing of Higher potential and purpose, the more it unifies in function towards enabling this purpose.  Where entanglement, distortion, tether and binding to obstruction is akin to a team divided, commonly resulting in the finding of only deeper struggle without cause, suffering without insight, deficiency of energy, direction and meaning, a team united is enabled with continual reciprocal support, educating development, increased inertial power, and increasing clarity of meaning, ability in function and from these, purpose permeated with fluidity of energy and strength of cause.

For concentration to be granted optimal power and energy, its focus must be singular.  When focus is diffused in many directions, concentration and energy also diffused is weak.  All vehicles, qualities and elements that comprise our being are enabled with optimal function when their placement within the order of most beneficial development is  enabled.  Though narrative and construct may attempt to resist this principle, logical function and observation can very simply and clearly illustrate that when all qualities, vehicles and elements that comprise our being are of unified, singular direction, our capacity to reach our destination is most optimal.  In other words, one leader or guide, focused in a single direction, united and given all the resources within us, has the greatest opportunity to attain our goal.  Thus, the order of most beneficial development, is correct placement of our directing leader, and correct placement of our supportive alliances, with correct in this context defined simply as placement that enables optimal functionality of the qualities and vehicles of any composition in regards to fulfilling our goal.

Given time and sustained action, this being regularity of practice, the inertial power enabled eventually and inevitably releases tether to the Karmic body, which unbinds us from the control, as designed and manufactured into Karmic formations.  This comes as a natural result of allowing the mechanics of Meditation Mastery to coordinate with the Karmic body.  Until then however, intent and action must be given to minimize becoming further tethered and bound to Karmic formations and experiences, regardless of what we perceive, since for the singular goal of Enlightenment, the most functionally effective qualities and vehicles are those which enable us to continue to pass through subtler and subtler dimensional Karmic formations, reaching and passing through causal source, and in freeing ourselves from the tethers and bindings of this source, attaining Enlightenment.

The Karmic body or Soul, when known as the Kundalini, has with this name held many misunderstandins both due to safety concerns and in regards to whether the Kundalini has any relationship with attaining Enlightenment at all.  The concern of safety is one of critical significance, since the consequence of trauma or harm caused by practice, at best requires healing before development can once again commence, though with many experiences being so traumatic, that practice is never again engaged with, and so the journey ceased.  While the latter is of significant detriment, other often equally detrimental consequences are those which damage the physiological system to the extent that the “body as a temple” can no longer be developed or function as a “temple,” which not only brings development to an end but also commonly damages the electrical networks so much so that immense physical and psychological pain trauma is experienced for life.  All of this can be completely avoided by engaging with the Karmic body in correlation with the developmental transformation of the physiological system such that the capacity to both receive and release electrical information is more than sufficient to the task.  The most commonly damaging consequences occur only because practitioners have engaged their Kundalini absent correct instruction, from which commonly follows incorrect order of engagement, which enables distorted, entangled and insufficient capacity within our physiological networks and conduits, the “structural integrity” of these being critically necessary to equalize, receive, release and distribute the volume of electrical information that comprises the Kundalini with fluidly balanced coordination.

Almost any activity sustained incorrectly can lead to injury however when practiced correctly, the same activities can be developed absent injury.  For instance, absent correct instruction, and engaging in the driving of a motor vehicle, the potential for accidents  increases tremendously.  If we had no knowledge of how the brakes, accelerator or steering wheel function for example, our ability to coordinate the vehicle safely is greatly diminished.  This in addition to the factor of coordinating a motor vehicle in flow with other motor vehicles and the potential for accidents is increased even further.   Thus, given the aforementioned factors, of primary importance, “the Esoteric Warrior” is while being optimally effective in function, safe and completely absent even the potential of harm during the processes of developmental transformation.

A lesser misunderstanding is whether the Kundalini is required for  Enlightenment at all.  From the perspective of the Kundalini as the vessel which carries our accumulation of Karma, with Enlightenment being the release of tether and binding from further Karmic design and manufacture, it can be logically extrapolated that engagement with the Kundalini or Karmic body through some form of methodology is required for the attainment of Enlightenment to come to pass.   Misunderstandings in this regard may commonly arise because of differences in terminology but perhaps more so because certain practices, such as Meditation Mastery for example, engage the Kundalini indirectly and incidentally, when the perceptual awareness develops sufficiently to pass through the dimensional formations which in effect restrict access and engagement.  Again, as with “the Esoteric Warrior,” connection with the Kundalini through Meditation Mastery is safe because instead of formations of restriction being broken through by the Kundalini into a physiological network which is not yet developed sufficiently to receive, release and distribute this volume of electrical information, the dimensional level of Kundalini accessed, can only be engaged with when the perceptual awareness has gained sufficient ability to permeate through these levels of dimensional formation.  The occurrence of passing through these levels of dimensional formation, release the tethers, bindings and obstructive restrictions, which by default naturally increases the capacity of our physiological conduits and networks, ensuring that the engagement and coordination of the Kundalini with our physiological conduits and networks is in precise and perfect correlation to our capacity and functional ability to receive the volume of electrical information of the Kundalini at this level of dimensional formation.

. The Esoteric Warrior .

“The Esoteric Warrior” must only be engaged subsequent to having received Attunement to “Meditation Mastery” and at least 4 weeks of the “Meditation Mastery” Activation practice in order to ensure optimal coordination, connection, progression and developmental transformation.

Included are:  Two Activations Sets and 3 Attunement to Activation reciprocal “flow transmissions” .

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