Psychic Mastery

The qualities and vehicles which provide a foundation which the mechanics of Psychic Mastery coordinate with, enabling the engagement of developmental transformation of the perceptual awareness into the spectrum of dimensional formations we define as “psychic” are developed in Meditation Mastery.  While a certain degree of functional development can be attained from Psychic Mastery alone, upon reaching a certain level, without sufficient “structural integrity” of foundational qualities and vehicles, progress will cease.  As such, we strongly advise that Meditation Mastery is engaged first.  Moreover, the primary principle of Meditation Mastery is synonymous with that of Psychic Mastery, this being the principle of engaging the specific mechanics, enabling a continual process of developmental transformation that moves us to our destination.

In short, the mechanics and principle are functionally synonymous, the absolute goal of Enlightenment is the same, however the vehicles and qualities that Meditation Mastery and Psychic Mastery developmentally transform, albeit engaging different pathways, are moved and directed to the same ultimate destination.  Thus, if further detail pertaining to the fundamental principle and mechanics utilized in Psychic Mastery are required they can be found in the writings given to Meditation Mastery.

Where the primary function and purpose of Meditation Mastery is to engage the universal mechanics required for enabling the qualities and vehicles necessary for connecting to our Higher self, Psychic Mastery engages the same mechanics to deepen, expand and broaden our five physiological senses, such that the perceptual awareness of each is able to pass through the complete spectrum of dimensional formation.  What is commonly defined as psychic, is part of this spectrum however in continuing to pass through subtler and subtler levels of dimensional formation, observation and perception of many formations, some we may define and some undefined.  Psychic Mastery develops the ability to move through and thus experience, observe and know what is commonly defined as being of the psychic dimensions, however for the purpose of attaining Enlightenment, the qualities and vehicles which enable us to move through these respective dimensions of formation are what truly matter.

Developing the perceptual awareness of each respective sense, such that experiential observation of what is commonly defined as the psychic dimensions is relatively simple, and in continuing to pass through subtler and subtler dimensions of formation, in contrast a stage will be reached where the dimensions of formation commonly defined as the psychic will be discerned as relatively coarse.  This is simply due to the subjective nature of the relative contrast.  This being said, developing the perceptual awareness of the five senses such that they are able to experience and observe the dimensions of psychic formation, while relatively simple, is of great worth for many reasons.  The primary reason is that having developed the qualities and vehicles such that movement of the perceptual awareness respective to each sense has been engaged to the degree that the dimensions of psychic formation can be reached, our functional ability to sustain movement through subtler and subtler dimensional formations now has sufficient inertial power to provide us with the experiential insight, understanding and knowing, enabling the continuation of movement through the passage of each respective sensory dimension until we reach and pass through the origin of each.

In moving through the passage of each respective sense, passing through subtler and subtler dimensions of formation, tether and obstruction is released within each level of respective sensory dimension, freeing psychic binds, which have commonly been defined as “psychic curses,” and in continuing to pass through subtler dimensions of formation, undefined tether, binding and obstruction too is released.  This process cycles through all five senses, all of which can be observed to manifest their dimensional formations through different constructs, however the singular function of moving through subtler and subtler dimensions of each respective formation, releasing tether, bind and obstruction in each, and our developmental transformation moving us to the ultimate destination of Enlightenment can be noted as synonymous with Meditation Mastery.

For some, Meditation Mastery alone will be sufficient for attaining Enlightenment, and if this is the case the practitioner will commonly observe their vehicles, qualities and mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path permeating through all of their respective senses.  Moreover, they will find that passage through the path of the Higher self is unrestricted, with continual developmental transformation moving them to Enlightenment.  More commonly however practitioners will find that attending to the singular goal of attaining Enlightenment, with the same mechanics however from different directions, in effect “completes the circle.”  The reason for this is often due to accumulated tether, binding and obstruction, particularly prevalent in this day and age, causing entanglement and distortion within our perceptual awareness, Six bodies and the networks and conduits which connect these.

For those of us who observe manifestations such as stagnation of energy, diffuse focus and concentration, diminished logical function in the context of recognizing beneficial and non-beneficial choices, paths and actions, this being the cause which effects a sense of being pulled in excessive directions, or any combination of these, the aforementioned tethers, bindings, obstructions, entanglements and distortions are the source.  In these cases “completing the circle” by engaging qualities, vehicles and mechanics which are synonymous with the Higher self and Enlightenment path, enabled from and through different directions, yet with ultimate goal being singular, will find the continuation of developmental transformation moving them to the ultimate goal to be either necessary or simply a more efficient and optimal approach.  As always, the choice in how to proceed lies with the practitioner.  The Guild will provide and administer insight, knowledge, Attunement and instruction, upon request, however we adhere to impartiality and non-interference in regards to the determination of actions and paths chosen by any and all sentient beings, for the qualities, vehicles and mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path, move towards and into unified alignment through choice made of our own deliberation.

. Psychic Mastery .

“Psychic Mastery” must only be engaged subsequent to having received Attunement to “Meditation Mastery” and at least 4 weeks of the “Meditation Mastery” practice in order to ensure optimal coordination, connection, progression and developmental transformation.

Included are:  Two Activations Sets and 5 Attunement to Activation reciprocal “flow transmissions.”

The “Psychic Mastery” Discourses and Activations are now available for immediate download. Your “Psychic Mastery” Attunement will commence and be completed within 7 days of purchase.

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