It is inaccurate to define what is written below as “frequently asked questions,” since details inquired by practitioners directly to the Guild vary so broadly in range, that finding even one question that has been commonly asked ten times would be difficult.  Social and cultural narratives and constructs of our present world have however inevitably caused much misunderstanding in regards to fields related to and including the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  Thus for the beneficial purpose of broader clarity, insight and understanding, the Guild has chosen to address and correct common and “frequent” entanglements, distortions and misunderstandings of concept, principle and instruction which we have observed within our world and collective consciousness at present, in the context of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

Q:  Is daily practice really needed?  Or can I just practice a few times a week or when I’m in the “right” mood?

A:  Sustained action, this being regular practice, builds momentum. Momentum particularly at beginning to intermediate stages of development can diminish until it movement in its specific direction effectively ceases.  By continuing to sustain action, through regular practice, at a certain stage momentum reaches a “tipping point,” which is when our qualities and vehicles have gained the majority of inertial power.  Our qualities and vehicles have in effect gained a level of a self-sustaining inertia, what is common defined as natural to our being.  The chain of causes and effects, these being our actions, which have composed all of our habits, whether beneficial or non-beneficial, can be observed to have developed to the stage where we perceive them as natural in the same way.

Development of expertise or mastery in any field is no different and evidence of this can be logically and clearly observed in our external world.  For example, whether a master builder, surgeon or Olympic athlete, it is undeniable that the required actions have been sustained and refined in order to attain their level of ability.  That any activity, if sustained, will develop and strengthen the qualities and vehicles that actualize greater ability of that activity, for better or worse, is simply natural law and universal mechanics.  Refining the qualities and vehicles required for the Higher self and Enlightenment path are no different in this regard ,this being the simple reason that regular practice is necessary if we seek optimal development.

Q:  Is there any real reason why different practices can’t just be started in any sequence or combined with practices from different systems?  Or are the warnings against this just perpetuating unnecessary fear?

A:  There have always been reasons why development must occur in specific sequences if safe, beneficial and optimal progress is sought.  Just as a building, if it is to be architecturally sound, requires that its foundation, then each succeeding level is stable before constructing the next, for the same reasons, development of the qualities and vehicles for traversing the Higher self and Enlightenment path are no different.  Similarly, different systems and lineages may have different goals, even if common terminology, concept and principle is used.  Using the example of a building again, while for achieving the goal sought, the design and construction of a building, motor vehicle, airplane and ship may be architecturally sound within their respective context, combining the “mechanics” as required for each with the “mechanics” as required for another may well be detrimental.

For instance, Meditation Mastery develops the qualities and vehicles which engage the foundational mechanics that both Psychic Mastery and “the Esoteric Warrior” may then build upon.  While some may choose to engage the latter two methodologies prior to developing the qualities and vehicles enabled from Meditation Mastery, unless these specifics have been trained elsewhere, practitioners will always find that they must “return” and attend to these fundamentals.  In this case, it is not that developing the qualities and vehicles of either Psychic Mastery or “the Esoteric Warrior” are dangerous, it is simply that they require the mechanics as enabled through Meditation Mastery in order to function and coordinate optimally.  We could compare this to attempting to drive a motor vehicle when all the tires are flat.  The vehicle will still move however progress will not be optimal in comparison to when the tires of the motor vehicle are full.

Q: How do I know that the Higher self and Enlightenment path is what I seek?

A:   You would not be here if you did not have a sense or resonance with your Higher self.  The real question is whether the Guild methodology specifically is for you.  As such, the Guild encourages all seekers to investigate and explore lineages and systems of common goal, to discern whether they logically and functionally resonate with you, then choose.  If after having investigated and explored other lineages and systems, having found them to not resonate with you, yet still hearing the call of your Higher self, the Guild invites you to contact us.

Q: Do I need to be religious to use these methods?

A: No.   Just as you do not need to belong to “the order of the bicycle” to ride a bicycle, you do not need to be religious to experience the Higher self and attain Enlightenment.  In fact, in order to developmentally transform the qualities and vehicles which move us through the Higher self path to Enlightenment shares the same principle required for learning how to ride a bicycle.  This principle is to sustain the action required, which engages the qualities and vehicles necessary to coordinate and enable functional ability.

Q: I’ve tried a lot of methods and frankly I’m skeptical, what makes you different?

A:  The choice is yours whether you wish to continue being skeptical from the sidelines, or whether you wish to engage in the actual experience of developmental transformation for yourself.  Time is limited, thus the Guild does not engage in intellectual conjecture, nor do we seek to persuade or convince anyone of our purpose and methodologies.  Our singular goal is to preserve and protect the knowledge and teachings of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  Having said this, it has not been uncommon for many whom have first engaged with the practices as skeptics, to later become teachers and Masters in their own right.  Social and cultural narrative and construct perpetuates and fabricates much that contributes to misinformation and misunderstanding and as such, we understand where and how formations of skepticism, doubt and pessimism arise.  The choice must be made by each however, whether to be tethered to constructs and narratives designed by our present society and culture, or whether to discover if Higher actualization exists on our own path.

Q: Can I gain concentration skills, relaxation and stress release from these products if I’m not interested in Spiritual development?

A: The Guild practices and methods are not for those that have no inclination or resonance towards the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  Relaxation and the diminishing of stress are incidental, occurring as tether is released to formations of obstruction and resistance.  They are however simply side effects of a larger macrocosmic developmental transformation which is enabled through engaging with the mechanics of the Higher self an Enlightenment path.

So again to be utterly clear, the Guild absolutely does not advise that anyone that does not seek any experience within what is commonly and broadly defined as “Spiritual” to utilize our methodologies.

Q. What is an Attunement?

A.   First, it is important to note that different lineages, schools and systems define in word, concept, principle and functionality, what an Attunement is and thus how they will be engaged and utilized.  The Guild Attunements are maps and keys that in short essentially provide guidance “through” a technique at the kinesthetic, tactile or felt level of perceptual awareness, revealing and “unlocking the doors,” from which then unfolds the passage, this being the path of the Higher self.  It is not commonly known in present day, as it has been in the past, that technique alone is rarely enough to “unlock” the qualities and vehicles of a technique, this being the reason why it is uncommon for practitioners to attain Higher degrees of expertise without Attunement from a Master Teacher.

In a rudimentary way, an Attunement could be compared to the insight, knowledge and understanding given at the kinethetic, tactile or felt level, from a Master coach practicing with their student.  Where a certain level of understanding can be imparted through the intellect alone, the intellect only comprises a small fraction of all that comprises our being.  Thus, in the same way that a Master coach in refining the skills of an Olympic athlete will commonly adjust the student at the kinethetic, tactile and felt level, such that their coordination and ability increases in sensitivity and articulation, so too can an Attunement be compared to this at a very basic level, though the conduit of transmission is different.

*Note that the Guild absolutely will not perform any Attunements, work or services of any kind without the explicit request of a practitioner or individual.  Any applications whether for our foundational or specialized Attunements, if accepted will only be given to the specific practitioner that has made the request.

Q:  How can Attunements or sounds transmit information, “maps” or “energies?”

A:  Sounds are formations of matter which through a process of transduction is heard as such.  The substrates through which formations of sound move, are of the physical dimension and thus are able to transmit different forms of energy.  Simple examples include the emotional energy that is felt when a song is heard, auditory information that through engaging mental energy, enables intellectual understanding, with both of these examples eliciting a change within the physical body that can be observed at the kinesthetic, tactile and felt level.  If observed, the emotion, character and intent of the speaker can be discerned, without seeing them but just listening.  The transmission of different forms of energy moving through the substrates  which permit sound to pass are what allow us to discern this by listening.  The same principle and functionality applies to the receiving of Higher knowledge and information, through the transmission of sound within the complete spectrum of dimensional substrates.  Attunements shares commonality of principle however the transmissions engaged must coordinate a far broader, deeper and subtler spectrum of dimensional substrates.

The aforementioned details are also the reason why it is irrelevant whether Guild audios are heard through headphones or speakers, for while certain methodologies such as binaural beats require stereo headphones, as the transmission of Guild audios work directly through the substrates that permit the movement of sound, any medium that allows sound to be heard can be utilized.

Q: I am religious. Will this system interfere with my religion?

A: The Guild systems are practical and functional methodologies, designed to engage universal mechanics in specific coordinations which will enable the developmental transformations required for passing through the path of the Higher self and moving to Enlightenment.  While the Guild believes that origins of many religions were based on the insights and knowledge given by Masters who had undergone developmental transformation, whether similar or different in form, this belief is not shared by many religions in our present day.  As such, your religion, its rules, restrictions and precepts, will determine whether our system will be perceived as congruent with your religion.

The Guild methodology is not based on faith but on insights and understanding gained from experiential developmental transformation which occurs as a result of our practices and Attunements.  Some religions forbid practices, some are flexible, allowing compromise, and some are completely practiced based.  The Guild is transparent in what we do and what we offer.  The choice of whether our path is correct for you is a choice that you alone must make.

Q: Are you affiliated with any religion or faith?

A:  No. Our systems are completely designed to develop the qualities and vehicles required to engage the universal mechanics necessary to connect with your Higher self, unfold the Higher path, and in passing through this passage, move to Enlightenment.

While other religions and faiths may find commonality with some of our concepts, principles and practices, our focus is to teach functional methodologies, that will allow any practitioner to connect with their Higher self and attain Enlightenment, absent religion or faith as they are commonly defined and known.  Specifically, we do not discriminate for or against practitioners, regardless of whether they are of a particular religion, faith or whether they are agnostic.  Experiential insight, understanding and knowing, as given from practice, will pass through perceptual awareness, and it is up to each practitioner to choose how they wish to proceed with the experience and knowledge they have been given.

Q: I don’t have much experience in meditation or Spiritual practice. Will I be able to achieve good results?

A:  All Masters were once beginners.  The qualities, vehicles and universal mechanics required for engaging with the Higher self path and moving to Enlightenment do not discriminate.  Result comes becomes of action, sustained action becomes habit, habit becomes character, and character determines our “destiny” or destination.  Thus, whether we perceive ourselves as a beginner, intermediate or advanced, universal mechanics have no bias, and as such, if we simply sustain the required actions, attainment of our ultimate goal is inevitable.

Q.  Can I receive support from the Guild?

A.   All Life Mastery Guild products include professional support for 12 months.

Q.  Shouldn’t Spiritual knowledge and practices be taught for free without asking for money?

A.  Observe your own world and reality, note whether your own survival is possible without money, then through your own logical process and discernment, divine a way that any lineage, system, school or individual can exist absent the necessities that money pay for.  There is not a religion, faith, system, practitioner or teacher that exists in the physical world absent the necessities for survival.  The forms which enable these necessities to be available may differ, such as within cultures that through their own initiative support their Spiritual or religious systems.  In all cases, even the most rudimentary of observation will allow us to discern that each and every religion, faith, practitioner and teacher requires these necessities.

Money is required to exist, function and coordinate in our world, and more so in what we have commonly defined as “the developed world.  Practitioners who gain expertise become teachers, then Masters, yet in our modern world this is only possible if they are given the time required to practice and developmentally transform.  The choice to enter a path which diminishes our time for practice, by default naturally diminishes the potential for actualizing our developmental, the insight and knowledge given to inevitably be of a denser level, with a far greater possibility of misunderstandings or incorrect discernment.  The choice to enter a path which maximizes our time for practice, by default naturally optimizes the potential for actualizing our development.  Yet the latter choice, though it is the optimal choice for our own developmental transformation and attainment, is the path of the hermit and ascetic, thus the experiential insight, understanding and knowing gained remains absent from seekers who live within larger society.

The Guild has chosen a path which allows us to balance our own developmental transformation, from beginner to Master teacher, offering the fruits of our attainments, our insights, understanding and teachings, with the many seekers who remain with our larger society and world.  Thus, as we have chosen to practice and teach within this world, we must also exist within it.  The majority of the Western world, unlike many other cultures, do not of their own inherent nature take the initiative to give in order to support paths such as that of the Higher self and Enlightenment.  As such, the Guild must take the initiative in offering our knowledge and teachings for a reciprocal exchange, this being along with the quality of sincerity within the practitioner, a monetary fee.  If observed, a reciprocal exchange always takes place in some form, regardless of culture, lineage or religion, it is simply that in this case, given the societies and cultures that the Guild chooses to offer our knowledge and teachings to, it is necessary that we take the initiative rather than the student.