~ The 3 Pillars of Enlightenment ~

Attunement is given by a Life Mastery Guild Master teacher for each respective Activation. The Attunement becomes “active” when the practice respective to each is engaged.

~ Meditation Mastery ~

Activate the “Lighter Body” or “Higher Body” network conduits and pathways.

Saturate in “Higher Light Fields.”

Ascend through direct transmission and experience of “Higher Light Sentience” and “awakening” of “Higher Light” abilities.

“Open” fully into your Higher self.

~ Psychic Mastery ~

Ascend the senses through direct transmission, saturation and experience of Higher self Light and Higher Sentience.


Accelerate precise transformation through the Higher self and Enlightenment path from direct transmission, knowing and Higher sentience of the “Clear” or “True” senses – Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairessence, Clairgustance, Clairaudience and Claircognizance.

~ The Esoteric Warrior ~

Ascend the network conduits and pathways of all the “Spirit Bodies.”

“Awaken” the “Golden Body,” “Transparent Body,” “Kundalini Body” and “Ascension Pillars.”

Saturate, Know – then Ascend the “Golden Body,” “Transparent Body,” “Kundalini Body” and “Ascension Pillars.”

Saturation and harmonization between the Higher self, “Golden Body,” “Transparent Body,” “Kundalini Body” and “Ascension Pillars.”

Pass through to Enlightenment – Ascending beyond – or choose to remain, reincarnate and contribute for the Ascension of all sentient beings, form and formless.

~ Support ~

Email support is given by Guild teachers, all of whom are adept in all facets of the universal mechanics of principle, practice, refinement and the process of optimizing progression of “Ascension” through your Higher self and Enlightenment path.

Unlimited email support is included for 3 years. After 3 years the Guild still offers 12 free “mentor credits” even though most practitioners will by then have attained connection to their Higher Light bodies and receive their guidance directly from their own Higher self, thus no longer requiring external sources of support.

“Mentor credits” are for practitioners committed both to their own Ascension path and to the path of Highest Spiritual service for all beings. After 3 years the practitioner’s own specializations, or way of bringing Highest Spiritual service will have emerged and Guild teachers will assist in bringing the practitioner’s unique masteries into fruition.

Email support is detailed and much time and care is given to providing the precise insight and understanding of the subtlest nuance of principle, practice and the transformative process, this being unique to each practitioner.

~ Fee ~

$999 USD includes all 3 Attunements, Activations and Email Support.

Contact the Life Mastery Guild to apply for the “3 Pillars of Enlightenment.”

~ Specialized Attunements ~

Subject to availability for present intermediate and above Life Mastery Guild practitioners. Contact your main teacher for further information.


The Life Mastery Guild is no longer accepting applications for the 52 Weeks of Attunements due to being fully booked. Please contact us if you with to be place on our waiting list.