52 Weeks Attunements

From the end of 2012 marked the beginning of a new shift in human consciousness for those that are ready to make this choice.

This time provides a strong support and opportunity to transform who we are to a higher level of consciousness, mind and body. The potential to align with the Higher Self is at this point in time greater than it has been in centuries.

It is a very uniquely powerful time for all of us.

Prior to this time our Master Teachers have largely taught only on a one on one basis or small groups but at this important time they have unanimously agreed to do further work for practitioners around the world.

Our 3 Activations still remain the bedrock of our system. They have stood the test of time and we have had thousands of practitioners transform their lives and their Spiritual evolution profoundly.  Each activation comes with an Attunement that acts as a map so that your body, mind and consciousness can be guided towards each activation’s specific goal. The Activations work individually or together as “3 pillars” to connect to your Higher Self, your Kundalini and Soul and your Psychic Consciousness. The ultimate goal is Enlightenment.

As of now the Master Teachers are offering higher level Attunements to be performed each week for a total of 52 high level Attunements over 12 months. These Attunements will work with your practices to deeply enhance any Spiritual work that you are doing as well as specifically strengthening the 3 Life Mastery Guild activation practices.

The Attunements will reinforce, strengthen and refine all your Spiritual practices while also allowing you to meditate easier, to gain results faster and to integrate the energies at the highest potential.  They work the connections between the energies available to us now and your unique blueprint of mind, body and energy to allow you to take full opportunity of the potential that is available now.

Due to time constraints Master Teacher Attunements will only be available while there is space, however if we are currently full you may request to be placed on the waiting list.

Products and Services:

Meditation Mastery + One Attunement

Psychic Mastery + One Attunement

The Esoteric Warrior + One Attunement

Package Special: 3 Pillars of Enlightenment + Three Attunements

Special Packages for 2022:

Please Note:  Spaces for 2022’s  “52 Weeks Attunements” commencing from January 2022 are now currently full.  

If you wish to be placed on the “availability list” for our 2022 mid-year intake please contact us.

 1.  3 Pillars of Enlightenment PLUS 52 weeks of Master Teacher Attunements + Karmic Unknotting to assist in the dissolution of Karmic hindrances.

2.  52 Weeks of Master Teacher Attunements without Activations PLUS Karmic Unknotting to assist in the dissolution of Karmic hindrances.

Please Contact Us to apply.

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