Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: How long do I need to practice each day?

A: We recommend 30 minutes twice a day initially in order to develop the positive inertia required to permeate your Six Bodies with the qualities and properties required to awaken the Higher self and attain Enlightenment.  When positive inertia is achieved and the qualities and properties known to the Six Bodies practice time can be reduced to 20 minutes twice a day and when a certain degree of ability is attained even 1 minute of practice a day will sustain continual development.

2. Q: In what sequence should I purchase the activations?

A: The foundation is “Meditation Mastery.”

This activates your Higher Self which is the highest aspect of your multidimensional self.

It is the Higher Self that guides you to where you are going.

This provides the foundation for your “Soul Journey” to be re-activated through “The Esoteric Warrior.”

It is this activation that allows you to remember and integrate your past lives and your Soul’s purpose within those lives.

This is where you have come from.

“Psychic Mastery” connects the Higher Self with the “Soul Journey.”

This brings unity and full awakening.

Together these 3 Attunements create a sacred “trinity.” It is this “trinity” that cultivates Enlightenment.

3. Q: How do I know that this system is right for me?

A:   If you hear or feel the call of your Higher self within you, asking to be heard and awakened, if you discern Spiritual potential that yearns to be unlocked within you, if you feel it to be time to know of your Higher self and Enlightenment path – and if you intuit that you are now ready to truly know functional practices to awaken your Higher self and attain Enlightenment – then this is why you are here.

The Life Mastery Guild’s sole task is to teach practices that will activate the qualities and properties required for awakening your Higher self and to provide the vital Attunements designed and performed by Master Teachers, which open the maps and doors for your Six Bodies to each align with the Higher self and attain Enlightenment.

If any of this resonates with you then there is little question that the Guild system is right for you.

4. Q: Do I need to be religious to use these methods?

A: No. Results and experience speak for themselves. Just like you don’t need to belong to “The order of the bicycle” to ride a bike, you don’t need to be religious to experience the Higher self and Enlightenment.

5. Q: I’ve tried a lot of methods and frankly I’m skeptical, what makes you different?

A:  Our system is complete, the Guild has had many thousands of Masters and teachers refining our methods over generations and we have always been set in our purpose – to teach the methods of awakening the Higher self and attaining Enlightenment.

Our systems work in the same way that learning how to walking works.

Any activity sustained will allow anyone to develop and to know the activity well.  If the activity is sustained until completion then they will have achieved some level of expertise.  With the addition of Master teachers any practitioner can develop into Mastery themselves.

We are able to communicate the practices and methods of the Higher self and Enlightenment path both in esoteric language and in “Plain English.”  Nothing is obscured or made mysterious.  We are able to deconstruct our system and clearly and logically detail the mechanics of how it works from the finest nuances of cause and effect to the whole picture.

The choice is yours whether you wish to continue being skeptical from the sidelines, or to try it out for yourself and know for sure.

6. Q: Can I gain concentration skills, relaxation and stress release from these products if I’m not interested in Spiritual development?

A: The Life Mastery Guild practices and methods are not recommended for those that have no inclination towards the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

Relaxation and stress release are incidental to the practices but they are simply side effects of a far greater purpose that our methods are designed for.

7. Q. What is an Attunement?

A. The Life Mastery Guild Attunements are maps or keys that allow the 6 bodies to unlock the qualities and properties of a technique.  The techniques are simply “vessels” though which the qualities and properties can be transmitted and through this transmission educate and transform the 6 bodies in congruence with the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

The technique and practicing it is your part of the equation.  The Attunements designed and performed by the Guild Master Teachers and are our part.

Together the Attunements allow the technique to unlock or activate the necessary qualities and properties required for awakening or attainment on the path.

It is not as well known in this era as it was in the past that technique alone rarely is enough to unlock the qualities and properties of the technique and it is why it is rare to find a practitioner who has attained any degree of expertise without Attunement from a Master Teacher.  Attunements have been called other names such as Transmissions, Empowerments and so on depending on the lineage, school or system and within these systems the knowledge of how crucially important the Attunement is to attaining expertise and Mastery is well known.

8. Q: What type of audio equipment and headphones do you recommend for use with these products?

A: Any equipment such as an mp3 player or computer that plays audio.

9. Q: I am religious. Will this system interfere with my religion?

A: This system is a practical method of Spiritual communication. Strengthening these abilities of communication will strengthen your connection with the Spiritual and metaphysical realms regardless of your religion or faith. No religious or spiritual doctrine is spoken about or used within these systems. They are more like a cookbook or manual that bypasses religion and moves directly into the “how-to” practicalities of Spirit.

10. Q: Are you affiliated with any religion or spiritual faith?

A: The short answer is no. Our systems are completely geared around direct experience, without any reference to religion or Spiritual doctrine.

11. Q: I don’t have much experience in meditation or Spiritual practice. Will I be able to achieve good results?

A: No problem. These systems explain in “plain English” how to develop the complete skills necessary for mastery in their respective specializations. These are the practical “how to” tools that are simply missed in most systems. They are designed and have all the details to take you from beginner to expert level.

12. Q. Can I receive support from the Guild?

A. All Life Mastery Guild products included professional unlimited support for life.

13. Q. How does the 1 year guarantee work?

A. Quite simply, after taking advantage of our introductory offer, practicing the activations and working with our coaching and support team you still find that you are unable to achieve the stated results simply return the product for a refund.