Having established the singular goal of the Guild as preservation, protection and teaching the knowledge and practice of the Higher self and Enlightenment path, by default the pursuit, study and offering of other knowledge and teachings must naturally be left aside.  The Guild sincerely acknowledges Masters and adepts of lineages and systems with other goals and abilities however, specifically when their paths are aligned with the Light of their Higher self.  Not all journeys reach the same destination however when the qualities and vehicles engaged are aligned with the Light of the Higher self, reaching the same absolute goal, even while following a different methodology is not uncommon.  This end naturally becomes far more inevitable the more that any specific practitioner, teacher, Master or lineage has a broader, more complete understanding of the functional qualities, vehicles and mechanics required to attain their goal.

As such and in respect to practitioners and seekers who at times have inquired as to the learning or offering of services and teachings which the Guild does not attend to, we have and will continue to update a compilation of lineages who are specialists in their respective fields and with Masters and adepts that offer their services.   The Guild provides this as a courtesy however as we are not of the lineages shared, any inquiries and support should be addressed to the respective lineage.  Our only confirmation is that the lineages and teachers shared here are aligned with the path of Light and the Higher self and that they are Masters in their own right in regards to their respective skills.

The Guild will update our referrals list if and when permission is given from each respective lineage, teacher or Master.



The Sacred Gates

  • Adepts from the Tayshara Lineage of Restoration

For the full complement of what the Tayshara Adepts offer contact them directly.  Some of the services that they offer and can be of incredibly assistance in urgent situations include:

  1.  Restorative healing of the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies that commonly cause obstructions to perceiving your Higher abilities.
  2.   Gently dissolving psychic hooks, implants and programs that cause obstructions.
  3.   Dissolving “psychic curses” and traumas they have caused in the energetic body.


Attracting Abundance

  • Tom is an expert of manifestation in alignment with the path of Light.  Tom is one of few experts that understands the universal mechanics of manifestation, can functionally engage them and has the ability to teach others to attain his level of expertise which he has done in the past.

Dark Entity and Demonic Smiting

    • Greg Andrew White has chosen the courageous path of smiting Dark path entities and Demons that cause suffering, whether directly upon individuals or at the planetary level of collective consciousness.  Greg stands at the last step to full Enlightenment which he has consciously deferred in lieu of assisting those who are being attacked by Dark path entities and Demons.  He is one of few who is able to smite Dark path entities and Demons by engaging their densities with Light, thus also compassionately assisting these beings to ascend into Higher consciousness.

contact:  Greg Andrew White has informed the Guild that he is presently unable to accept new clients.  The Guild will update his contact details when he is again able.