Meditation Mastery

Demystify the Mysterious

Progress and development on any path and for any field will be hindered if information, concepts, principles and instruction are made mysterious.  It is not necessary that all elements are known, since there is much that is superfluous in the context of the Higher self and Enlightenment path but it is absolutely necessary that all concept, principle and instruction required to engage in the action required for enabling experience and developmental transformation is understood.  The mechanics and understanding how to engage the mechanics through action are actually exceedingly simple both to understand and do.  In fact, commonly when a certain stage of development transformation has taken place, practitioners are astounded by the simplicity, yet almost always more so by how their internal tethers and bindings had fabricated constructs and narratives of resistance and obstruction that had been so effective in their control that they had the ability to distort and entangle the most basic logical processes and abilities of observation, perception and discernment, such that beliefs and perspectives were manufactured which could make the simple appear complicated and what was apparent and in plain sight, hidden and obscured.

Universal mechanics are quite simply the laws which maintain functional balance within a universe comprised of many formations, from the smallest sub-atomic particles, to planets and galaxies, each with their own rules, restrictions and limits.  These rules, restrictions and limits, are essentially and in functional effect, the laws respective to each of these formations, with the laws of one formation and all the qualities and vehicles which comprise that formation, coordinating with other formations also cohering to the laws as set by the qualities and vehicles of which they are comprised.  Change is always unfolding within the universe and so maintaining balance is not a fixed, static state but a continually fluid and immediate response of effect being met perfectly, reciprocal returned with absolute precision to any and all causes.  Passing from cause and effect, to cause and effect, this unfolding, fluid process of coordinated balancing is what most of us have simply accepted without further question as the natural laws that govern our physical world.  Yet what we define and experience as natural law upon our own planet, we know does not coordinate balance with the same observable effect in regards to other formations, such as the moon, sun, other planets within our solar system, or our galaxy.  This however is not due to difference in universal mechanics but simply the difference in all the qualities, vehicles and properties which compose the many formations which exist within our universe.  The reasons that different effects can be noted for instance in the gravity of the moon, in contrast to the earth or the sun, have been studied and most of the variables which function to enable these differences of effect known.  Understanding has been made possible because what coordinates each and all of these differences, while allowing for difference in outwardly observed effect, still must adhere to the same universal mechanics, and it is through the study of these mechanics, that the multitude of differing formations and their respective laws, rules, restrictions and limits can be further understood.  The same understanding, engaged through inward study, allows us to know the natural laws, these being the universal mechanics which coordinate all that comprises our present being, enabling the developmental transformation which will bring mobility to the actualization of our Highest potential.

Correct practice must be sustained in order to achieve expertise and for practice to be correct there can be no mystery in understanding what needs to be done.  The Life Mastery Guild has over generations of teachers and Masters endeavored to demystify the mysterious, which is essentially evolving how word, concept, principle and instruction are communicated and detailed, in correlation with the evolution of communication as utilized in present day, while simultaneously remaining steadfast and unwavering in singular purpose, such that functional practice can be understood and engaged, which are mandatory requirements for experiential development to even begin and progressive transformation continuing.  Lineages and system where functional developmental transformation for those within the system is completely absent, have either consciously chosen to suppress their practices, a choice which could be made for many reasons, or are unaware that their lineage once had practices, now lost.  With even partial knowledge and instruction, lineages and systems will at the very least have within their schools practitioners with partial developmental transformation.  It must also be noted that in this day and age, it is also not uncommon due to variables such as social and cultural pressures, narratives and constructs, for practitioners to be affected such that even having chosen to attend to their practice, they do so in a non-engaged, passive, lackadaisical or halfhearted manner.

The “ingredients” given to the practice, qualities and vehicles, will directly affect the resulting composition that is developed.  This could be compared to baking a cake, where if ingredients of low quality are used, the finished cake too will be of low quality.  If sincerity however is given to our practice, which in essence is to attend to our practice to the best of our present capacity and ability, the developmental transformation reciprocally returned to us will be of the highest quality at our present level.  This is a critical point to understand for it affects our development of functional ability profoundly.  To further illustrate the significance of sincerity in action, practitioners who presently have very little ability in other areas, yet attend to their practice to the best of their present capacity, commonly surpass in these very abilities, practitioners who have higher aptitude in these same abilities, yet attend to their practice in a non-engaged, passive and rote manner.  Within our world, examples of this can be observed in almost all fields and areas.