Meditation Mastery

The Potential

Full connection to the Higher self and developmentally transforming by passing through the Higher path to Enlightenment is not exclusive to a select few.  This Higher potential exists for all sentient beings.  Sufficient meaning, worth and reason must simply be understood, thus giving cause to purpose, from which directly follows permission to engage in the actions required to actualize our potential being given.

Permission being given at the unconscious, subconscious or conscious level is one of the most important reasons for allowing the intellect to be given far more information than what is actually required for gaining experiential understanding of worth, meaning and reason for engaging in action for Higher purpose.  Experience of these specifics informs our perceptual awareness of worth, meaning and reason incomparably more than mere intellectual information alone ever could.  Engaging in action and thus gaining experiential insight of these specifics however could never occur if permission did not allow it.

We exist at a time where in the so-called developed or first world, cynicism and skepticism in general in common are almost applauded.  With these given towards paths and practices such as that of the Higher self and Enlightenment, by those also commonly absent experience, even more so.  This is “what is” however and many experienced practitioners, teachers and Master teachers have previously been bound to such constructs and narratives ranging from mildly indifferent to immensely pessimistic.

Collectively, the practitioners, teachers and Master teachers of the Guild have trialed far more methodologies that have failed than we could count, and almost all of us have had times when we were ready to give up the journey.  Yet, even those of us who took absence returned to seeking, for the many experiences and material constructs of the external world could only hold us for so long, until they were undeniably found to be akin to at best, tolerable distractions and at worst vehicles which perpetuated deeper suffering.  Moreover, throughout these times, the resonance or call of the Higher self remained enduring, loyal and steadfast, regardless of whether our hearing of it was strong or feeble.

Thus our return to the journey was inevitable.  For observing that throughout the many struggles and challenges during the journey, and throughout the many peaks and troughs of worldly experiences and material attainments, that this singular resonance endured and sustained, would come acknowledgement and a knowing that was without a shadow of a doubt.

“That this is a journey, unlike any other, and one that is worth the challenges, trial and error.”

At some level of our being, we knew that this was the most important journey that we could ever make, then when finding what we had so long sought, experiencing complete connection with our Higher self, and our developmental transformation moving us through the Higher path to Enlightenment, the knowing we heard before showed itself to be undeniably true.