Meditation Mastery

History and Lineages

Since the beginning of human existence practitioners, systems and lineages have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of understanding how to know and attain our highest potential.  Throughout our history practitioners, teachers and Masters have been hunted, systems of knowledge and practices have been repressed and the very memory of their existence has faded with time.  From years of absence, the unrelenting perpetuation of superficial narratives, fabricated constructs and the saturation from addictive designs, entire cultures and societies have been directed into believing that we have reached the peak of development and evolution.  Yet it takes merely a moment to observe and logically perceive that this is not so.  We need simply to observe the many sufferings endured by billions in this very moment within our world.  Allowing ourselves to objectively acknowledge the many effects, with the causal sources of these initiated long ago, which are now rendering our environment to be less and less inhabitable to all beings upon our planet.  With the inevitable and logical conclusion being that the actions and non-actions that have allowed these to come to pass are not the actions of a species which has yet reached its peak of development and evolution.

Acknowledgment and acceptance of the existence of these aforementioned truths are not intended to cause despair or hopelessness.  The intent is simply to allow honest and clear insight of our history and present, through readily observable evidence enabling us to discern that the primary inertial power and direction of the majority of the collective consciousness on our planet has not yet even tapped the surface of its highest potential.  It is only in first acknowledging and accepting these truths as they are, not as we may wish they were or should be, that we can evolve, choosing and determining to engage in actions that enable not only our own greater good but the greater good of all beings on our planet.  We cannot evolve for the greater good if we close our eyes to truths.  We must open our eyes, face all that we have been and are capable of, both the Dark and Light, then choose and act in congruence with the path that engages our Higher potential and consciousness.  As we expand, deepen, broaden our perceptual awareness, we more and more know our “whole.”  We become increasingly aware not only of our Light but also our “shadow,” the parts of us that we do not wish to see, deny exist or are adverse to, yet to attain “whole” Enlightenment we must bring Light to the “whole,” including the “shadow.”  The release of tether to obstructions at broader and deeper levels of dimensional formation correspondingly diminishes obscuration within our awareness.  Light no longer obscured by obstructive formations then naturally flows through us without hindrance.

“Enlightenment consists not merely in seeing of luminous shapes and visions, but in making the darkness visible. The latter procedure is more difficult and therefore, unpopular.”

“Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

Carl Jung

For reasons that can be understood with the briefest reflection, observation and discernment, practitioners, teachers, Masters, systems, schools and lineages of practice have retreated and emerged from public society throughout history.  Commonly, the singular reason for the retreat of many has been for the protection and preservation of knowledge and teachings and the singular reason for the re-emergence being to bring knowledge and teachings for the higher and greater good of all.  Challenge always has existed, resisting the cause, this being the passing of any knowledge and teachings of the practical paths to others.  In recent decades however, the challenges for many schools and lineages to re-emerge without significant risk to the protection and preservation of their knowledge and teachings has increased the opportunity for far more on our planet to know and developmentally transform such that they can attain their highest potential.  When accounting for the many aforementioned factors, it is not difficult to understand why there are so many differing levels of ability and variations in the context of the defining and understanding of word, concept, principle and instruction pertaining to the functional mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  Some systems have pieces of what was once a complete map of how to open the passage which is the Higher self path.  Others have techniques but are missing the keys to unlocking the techniques, techniques being forms which when unlocked allow us to engage with the qualities and vehicles which actually enable the developmental transformations that move us, allowing for progression and attainment on the Higher self and Enlightenment path.

This is not to denigrate any lineages.  Often, knowledge and practices are missing pieces and keys not because of conscious deliberation of schools and lineages themselves, but because those who desired to obscure knowledge of practices which could empower, have persecuted Masters, teachers and practitioners, hunting and forcing them into hiding, and when possible having the knowledge and teachings destroyed.  This is not fabricated conspiracy but easily found fact, documented in our remembered history and testament to the reason why schools and lineages of the practical paths have had to retreat in the past.  Thus, far from denigrating any systems and schools, regardless of whether the knowledge and teachings they currently have are complete or incomplete, the Guild deeply honors and respects any lineage that has been able to preserve what it could from those times to our present day.