Meditation Mastery

Awaken Your Higher Self

“Meditation Mastery Activations” is a precise and logical system for developing the qualities and vehicles for connecting completely to the Higher self.  This developmentally transformative process also loosens, dislodges and dissolves tether, binding, blockage and obscuration within the awareness, Six bodies, and the connective “information paths and networks,” returning awareness to purity.

Everything is composed of different formations of energy including sound.  As such from the very first listening all that comprises your being, consciousness, awareness and Six bodies are in communication with Higher self consciousness, coordinating and reciprocating energies and information for the specific purpose of building the bridges and networks to your Higher Self.  By listening to the discourses and meditations the Six bodies are connecting like water and sponge, to the knowledge, language, energy and “way” of the Higher Self.  The networks and “information pathways” between your Six bodies are being “awoken” as are the bridges or conduits to the Higher self.  By sustaining practice, these networks, “information pathways” and bridges continually strengthen and clarify, as simultaneously the tethers, bindings, obstructions and sediments dissolve.  Thus, the Six bodies are able to “download” and recognize, which is knowing and understanding, with greater clarity the language, energies and “way” of the Higher self.  This further strengthens and accelerates the developmental transformation of the entire process.

“I can actually feel this process happening as I listen.” – Mark Jacob

It is often asked how long it will take to connect to the Higher self.

The answer is dependent on variables including the social, cultural and personal constructs that determine the structure and all the elements that comprise a practitioner’s whole being, including their awareness and 6 Bodies.  Karma encompasses all of this.

Karma is the cause and effect that has set in place all of the variables that have determined who you are.  This does not mean that fate is set in place however.  Karma has a bandwidth or flexibility and through correct practice, we can choose to make this bandwidth more rigid and brittle or we can increase its flexibility and thus gain access to more choices and opportunities due to the availability of more functional ability and skill.  With correct practice we can transcend the bounds of Karma completely.

Thus while some practitioners  have reported profound Higher Self experiences from the very first day,  others experience gradual awakenings over the subsequent weeks and months.

Regardless of how any practitioner’s path unfolds however it is assured that all practitioners by sustaining the practice correctly will connect to their Higher self.  This is the simple science and physics of inertia continuing to its goal.

The Life Mastery Guild guarantees that if you use this system as instructed that you will connect with your Higher Self and we stand by our word with a 1 year money back guarantee.

. Awakening Higher Understanding and Wisdom .

It is important to realize that all aspects of developmental transformation on the Higher self and Enlightenment path are  essentially about expanded, deeper and broader understanding, and that this complete understanding comes from having connection to experiential knowledge and information. Connecting the Higher Self within your perceptual awareness and all Six Bodies allows your entire being to know “Pure” or “Original” knowledge and information experientially.

This is wisdom that cannot be found through external sources or teachers.  It must be known from within our own Six Bodies and perceptual awareness.  Teachers can point the way however each must walk the path themselves in order to truly know, developmentally transform and attain.  When Higher Self knowledge and wisdom is known within ourselves, hindrances to complete Enlightenment within the 6 Bodies are no longer of true challenge.   For when we are able to coordinate primordial forces with fluid balance and stable functionality, what was once challenge is now too easily overcome to be defined as such.

When the Six bodies are aligned, fully coordinated with our Higher self, and with tether, binding and obstruction released, the path is clearly defined, movement is without restriction, and our inertial power is enabled to pass through the path of the Higher self with seeming effortlessness.  Continual developmental transformation moving us to Enlightenment is then inevitable

Again, we stand behind “Meditation Mastery Activations” with a 1 Year “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The practice could simply not be for you or you may not feel ready for it contact us and we will refund your money.

Some have cautioned us that there will be those that will purchase our product and then ask for a refund, essentially having our product for free.

We are unconcerned.  Most practitioners who are drawn to us are honorable for they have already heard the call of the Higher self within them.

More importantly, the practitioners who sustain the practice, unlock the qualities and properties, fully connect to their Higher self and attain Enlightenment are of incomparable importance to our world as opposed to the few who seek gain through deception.

In fact, because the qualities and properties cannot be unlocked from the practices alone, we welcome and sincerely invite anyone who has procured our products through less than honorable means to contact us – and our Master Teachers will perform the Attunements necessary for them to unlock the crucial maps, qualities and properties.

This is how indescribably revolutionary, powerful and vital the knowledge, energy and consciousness contained within “Meditation Mastery Activations” is for all of us and our planet.

Correct understanding and thus application of knowledge into correct practice is so important that we also offer unlimited professional support for life – even if you are not a practitioner of the Guild.

. The Meditation Mastery Activations .

Meditation Mastery includes 2 discourse sets, 1 guided meditation and 2 unguided meditations.  The individual prices for the sets are shown below but we now offer an introductory discounted price for the Meditation Mastery package as it is the Life Mastery Guild’s foundation practice.

If a practitioner is able to resonate with the knowledge, teachings, practices, qualities and properties of Meditation Mastery then they will know that they will resonate with our more advanced Attunements and practices too.

Meditation Mastery Discourse Activations – Original Price: $200

Meditation Mastery Guided Activations – Original Price: $200

Meditation Mastery Attunements – Original Price: $250

. Professional Coaching and Support for 12 months .

It has been said that no monetary value is comparable to 12 months of support and teaching from the expert teachers and Master teachers of the Guild.

Our Special Introductory Offer for the entire Meditation Mastery Activations package: $650 $167

Here are the different parts that make up the set:

. Meditation Mastery Attunements .

Our Attunement are the Astral and energetic maps and keys that unlock the qualities and properties of the technique.  They allow the qualities and properties to be both transmitted from the Master teachers through the technique to Six Bodies of the practitioner as well as allowing the qualities and properties to awaken from within the practitioner.  This continually strengthens, refines and reciprocates Higher energy and information of the paths and networks within the Six Bodies while building the bridges to the Higher self.  These Attunements are designed specifically for each practitioner within the Astral planes by our Master teachers.

Attunements, “Empowerments” or “Transmissions,” while they may be commonly known by name, have been perhaps less known by those outside the lineage for their crucial role in facilitating correct coordination of the qualities and vehicles specific to the goal of almost all systems and lineages that engage a path of practice.   In this day and age, it is not uncommon for entanglement and distortion to be observed within the electrical networks and conduits of both practitioners and non-practitioners, with many accumulating excess tether, binding and obstruction within their head and all it encompasses.  Attunements while they have always been a crucial component of developmental transformation, have at this time through their ability to correctly coordinate our network of compositions, become necessary for many, by enabling them to engage correctly with the most rudimentary qualities and vehicles of practice.

When coordination is in balance, equal importance is given to both practice and Attunement, however “what is” at this time has indicated that in many cases Attunements will determine whether a practitioner will be able to initiate practice, progress or be capable of unlocking and engaging with the qualities and vehicles with the practices.

. Meditation Mastery Discourse Activations .

3 hours of the specific knowledge required for correct practice such that you may build and cleanse the paths, bridges and networks allowing you to connect to your Higher Self.

These are explained in simple and logical detail to ensure that you completely and correctly understand how to enable the transformation to take place.  Through listening to the Discourse Activations a communication and transformation will already be taking place between the audio and your Six Bodies however intellectual understanding of the process and practice is still vitally important.

The knowledge and information on this set is genuinely profound and life changing.

. The Meditation Mastery Guided Activations .

Where the Attunements are the keys and maps, the Activations are the training of the physical vessel and awareness through which the qualities and properties unlocked by the Attunements are able to communicate, educate and integrate into the Six Bodies.

When the technique is engaged, the Attunement becomes “active.”    Absent practice, the Attunement is not active, absent the Attunement the qualities and vehicles which comprise the “map” to our Higher self cannot inform our awareness and Six bodies.  The spectrum of Higher dimensional energies contained in the audio supports correct coordination and development of the qualities and vehicles required for the Higher self and Enlightenment path, assists in clarifying the information networks between these compositions, the awareness and the Six bodies, and augments concentration and focus.

The Meditation Mastery technique itself is immensely powerful not because of its outer form but because it has been designed to develop the qualities and vehicles which engage the mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  The formation of the technique itself is superficial.  It is the mechanics that are unlocked from within the form, which when engaged, self-sustain inertial power enabling the continual developmental transformation which moves us to our Higher self.

. Professional Coaching and Support .

“This level of coaching and support alone is worth the entire package price many times over.” James C, NY

Actual experiential, conscious connection and awakening of your Higher Self is an incredibly powerful experience, and one that is not commonly known about, discussed or shared within the modern world in this day and age.  It is for this reason that we include 12 months of professional support from both high level adepts and Master teachers for a journey of developmental transformation that all bar none who have even glimpsed their Higher self has defined and expressed in short as “the most significantly profound experience of their lives.”

The time to begin this journey could be tomorrow, yet it has not been uncommon for practitioners to have stated when finally beginning that “tomorrow became a decade.”  Thus, there is great worth in reflecting upon the time we have been given, observing how we have chosen to engage with this time, and self-honestly allowing ourselves to know the nature of ourselves at this present time, then determine whether the time to begin this journey is in fact now.

Good Journeys,

Life Mastery Guild

The “Meditation Mastery” Discourses and Activations are available for immediate download.  Your “Meditation Mastery” Attunement will commence and be completed within 7 days of purchase. 

 P.S.  Remember that the Guild is offering “Meditation Mastery Activations” for the introductory price of only $650 $167.  After taking advantage of our introductory offer, practicing the Activations and working with our adept support team you still find that you are unable to achieve the stated results simply return the product for a full refund.

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