Meditation Mastery

Higher Qualities Permeating Daily Life

Any activity or action sustained, for better or worse, will develop strength and inertial power of the qualities and vehicles that comprise them.  This can be clearly observed in the development of both beneficial or non-beneficial habits.  They come to be what they are through repetition building inertial power.  When we choose to engage in the actions, these being the practices of the Higher self and Enlightenment path, initially discipline is required to sustain our actions since they are new and do not yet have the inertial power to sustain themselves.  Eventually and inevitably, the “tipping point” is reached, where the majority of our inertial power supports all the qualities, vehicles and compositions which are coordinating with our Higher path.  When this positive inertia is attained, a complimentary and cooperative coordination between all of our qualities and vehicles becomes our more natural way of being.  With increased unity of cause, purpose, coordination and articulation, our higher qualities and properties permeate our Six bodies, both refining deeper within, untangling entanglements, clarifying distortions, and expanding outward, interacting and thus affecting everything in our lives and reality, whether these be relationships, businesses, emotional health and so on.  When positive inertia is attained we are increasingly able to in effect “map” or connect with immense “libraries” of information, qualities and vehicles pertaining to the Higher self and Enlightenment path, as well as many other area of knowledge, commonly defined as Spiritual or metaphysical.  The ability to do so eventually becomes as natural as breathing.  Our intuition, which is tuition from within, becomes exceedingly clear, consequently educating and informing our developmental transformation in perfect correlation.  From this our creative power, which is the ability to listen, understand and coordinate cause and effect becomes masterfully accurate, a natural result of clear, unobstructed discernment and the ability to precisely manage causal sources.

Our Six bodies become a clear network and conduit that coordinates in cohesion and for united cause and purpose, with broadness, depth and expansion of perceptual awareness enabling us to engage with the entire spectrum of our multidimensional being.  With the ability to engage through illimitable breadth, depth and expansion within all levels of dimension, being complete connection with our Higher self, we are able to receive, release and be developmentally transformed by the continual flow of  Higher self “consciousness,” energies or  electrical particle information.  This continual developmental transformation then passes us through the path of the Higher self, releases all tethers and bindings, moving us eventually and inevitably to Enlightenment.

Like a stone thrown in a pond, our Higher self consciousness, awareness and purity flows both deeper into us and ripples through and outward, permeating all that comprises our being, inclusive of our physical body for as long as we are incarnated within the physical dimension, as well as naturally resonating and expanding into all substrates that comprise our external world and reality.  There is coordination and a resulting composition of this coordination between all things, obstruction, tether and binding being the only formations which entangle and distort beneficent engagement.  The purity of Higher self consciousness resonance, absent of additive and adulteration, is able to move without restriction, freely and to the heart and “Soul” of all beings, to the planet itself, awakening memory, striking a sacred chord, and in this occurrence, guiding all towards their own Higher self path and Enlightenment.

This is in essence how one person changes the world in alignment and congruence with the Higher greater good.

By now it should be exceedingly clear, that awakening and full connection with the Higher self and moving to Enlightenment is not exclusive to a select few.  It is a legacy of Higher potential that exists for all sentient beings.  What determines whether we make unrealized potential an actuality, is our choice and action to make it so.

Again, for some, a resonance, recognition or knowing that that which has been sought has been found, and are ready to move through a Higher level of developmental transformation. If this is you, contact the Guild to apply. Yet for those who remain uncertain, perhaps held between resonance and narratives of resistance, without moral or ethical judgment, further information can be found below.

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