Meditation Mastery

The Software and Hardware of Enlightenment

Imagine that Higher consciousness is like an internet network. Plugging into, interpreting and communicating with the information on this network then requires that you have the right hardware and software.  To use a simple example it could be said that your physical body is like the hardware and your mind the software.  Expanding this to the Six Bodies would be imagining the different types of hardware and software that can increase the overall functionality.  The technique unlocks the qualities and vehicles that upgrade the hardware and software, resulting in superior coordination between both, greater functionality and superior performance.  Sustaining the action, this being the practice, continually upgrades both the software and hardware, with the synergy of all Six bodies working in coordination continually increasing inertial power, clarity of perceptual awareness, insight, understanding and ability.  The increases of insight, understanding and ability then reciprocally strengthen the network conduits, upgrade the hardware and software, which then returns complimentary cooperation and we are moved upon the Higher path as developmental transformation progresses through these processes of beneficial cycles.