Meditation Mastery

The Resonance

Higher potential is present within us all.  The journey to actualize this potential, founded upon the choice of whether the Higher self and Enlightenment path is of meaning and worth is yours.

Consider why we offer an iron clad 100% money back guarantee for Meditation Mastery.  The reason is simple.  We have known tens of thousands of practitioners connect to their Higher self using the Guild mechanics.  Moreover, we know that the constructs of the modern world, society and culture in commonly perpetuating narratives of cynicism and pessimism, utilize the fear of losing money.  Thus, in removing this fear, the narratives and constructs remaining and attempting to resist further investigation into a path that has resonated for so long, reveal that their narratives and constructs are founded upon fabrication and conjecture, absent experience.

What is then illuminated, is that in order to gain experience, and thus true insight, understanding and knowing, engaging with the actions is undeniably and irrefutably required.  This once again returns to choice.  Whether to further delay the resonance that has been heard for so long, or whether to finally heed the call and respond by making the choice to begin.

If you feel, hear or in some way sense a call within you that you may even slightly guess may be your Higher self, or perceive an inner pulling to seek for something deeper and of greater meaning, take the moment to observe and listen.  This is the resonance of the Higher self, it is the communication asking you to at the very least explore and to investigate further.  Having heard this call for our entire lives, knowing somehow that this resonance can only be that of our Higher self, we can recognize that we are being asked to respond to its call, engage with its purpose and experience its Higher path.

Actualizing our Higher potential can only occur if we take the choice and make it so.

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