Meditation Mastery

Lost and Forgotten Knowledge

The strategies used to challenge practical paths in our modern day has changed, though the goal remains the same.  To repress the precious knowledge and teachings which can bring self-empowerment to any being, including the functional mechanics which will enable any to attain on the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  In modern day, more effective than the hunting and imprisoning of Masters, teachers and practitioners, has been to hinder through the perpetuation of misinformation, cynical narratives and the saturation of our societies and cultures with designs manufactured to cause distraction and addiction.  The detrimental effects this has had upon our people, cultures and societies is undeniable and clearly observable.  Yet the choice to walk a different path, to actualize our potential and to know our greater good is available to us.  We simply must decide and choose to investigate, seek and find the knowledge and instruction, engage with it and in doing so change the direction of our inertial power such that it unifies with the path of our Higher self.

The Guild came into being first as a sanctuary where dedicated practitioners, teachers and Masters of all schools and lineages of the Higher self and Enlightenment path could immerse themselves in training.  It was a place where practitioners seeking the missing pieces of their “map”, could through reciprocal exchange of knowledge, gain complete practical understanding of the mechanics that was once known by their respective lineages.  Again, this is not to denigrate any system or lineage with methodology, concept, principle and instruction which is incomplete.  Circumstances having been different, this well could have been the fate of the Guild and another lineage having preserved and protected the knowledge and teachings.  To protect and preserve the functional mechanics which engage and enable the Higher self path and attainment of Enlightenment,  does not make the Guild entitled to accolade, nor are sincere lineages of the practical path yet with incomplete knowledge in the slightest due any disrespect.  For whether complete or incomplete in knowledge and instruction, it is the sincerity of intent to act to the best of our ability in order to preserve and protect that matters.  These are the qualities which sincerity are composed of and in knowing the true sacred, preciousness of this knowledge and instruction, accolades and praise are not only irrelevant but counter to the principles and mechanics of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  For once known, to preserve and protect becomes a duty and honor for those who have been gifted with such knowledge and instruction.

The knowledge and instruction of these universal mechanics are not ours but have simply been passed down from practitioner to practitioner and Master to teacher.  The design of communication in the context of concept, principle and instruction has evolved, as it must, in order to fulfill the purpose of education more effectively, correlating with the many changes that language, word and meaning have adopted in modern day society and culture, however the singular purpose remains the same.  Universal mechanics can be observed in many forms and it is through learning which forms will achieve our goals, which will not, and how to engage those that will, that attaining our ultimate goal becomes inevitable. Universal mechanics and the qualities and vehicles which enable them are not concepts, principles and knowledge owned by the Guild, nor any other lineage or system, we simply preserve, protect and provide instruction in how to engage them for the purpose and ultimate goal of the Higher self and Enlightenment path.  A greater good exists that incomparably exceeds any fabricated illusions that may pertain to whom or what system or lineage “owns” knowledge of this path.  Thus, practitioners having gained broader, deeper and expanded experiential insight, understanding and knowing of how to engage universal mechanics for the purpose of enabling developmental transformation through the Higher self path to Enlightenment, have and always will be free to choose whether to continue practicing with the Guild, whether to return to a previous lineage and using what they have learned with the intent of “filling in the missing pieces,” or whether they choose to become a teacher themselves, whether with or independent of the Guild.