Meditation Mastery

Concepts and Principles

From examining different lineages at a superficial level, it has not been uncommon to perceive and believe that word, concept, principle, definition and instruction differ.  There are times when this is true, since goals often differ while utilizing common terminology. Yet deeper observation and experience has also shown that variables such as the societal and cultural times that lineages existed, and the corresponding differences in language and ways of communication clearly influence how word, concept, principle and instruction are defined and expressed.  At a rudimentary level this could be compared to different containers, these being the same, yet the contents being different.

Practice, in bringing experiential insight, understanding and knowing, indiscriminately and undeniably allows us to discern clearly whether concepts, principles, instruction and most importantly the ultimate goal itself, between various systems, lineages and schools are synonymous regardless of terminology.  Thus debate, argument and conjecture at the intellectual level, absent sufficient experience, which can only be gained from engaging in the actions of practice, are for the most part a misuse of the precious time we have been given.  Practice is action and action is the giving of energy and specific qualities respective to, within and comprising that particular action.  The development of anything requires specific forms of energy, regardless of the goal.  For instance, a seed to grow into a sapling then a tree, requires sunlight, rain and earth.  Similarly to develop expertise in any skill, requires that energy is given, this being our actions, and that the respective and necessary qualities which comprise that skill are what our actions are correspondingly engaging with.  Understanding of word, concept, principle and instruction at the intellectual level, is relevant and of worth insofar as it allows us to know how to engage in the actions required to bring experiential insight, understanding and knowing.  Beyond this, we must for ourselves weigh the value and worth of whether we wish to develop skill in engaging in intellectual debate, argument and conjecture, or whether we wish to enable the mechanics which bring actual developmental transformation to our being.

The singular purpose of the Guild is to protect, preserve and teach the mechanics, these being the actions required to open the path of the Higher self, in how to pass through the passage and in doing so, developmentally transform to Enlightenment.  Committed to this goal, the time and energy that remains must by default naturally diminish for activities such as intellectual debate, argument and conjecture, or for that matter the pursuit of expertise in any other fields.  If engagement and development of intellectual theory, philosophy and conjecture are what you seek, we wish you good journeys, yet respectfully you must look elsewhere.  If however the functional mechanics required for the developmental transformation necessary to progress on this path are what you seek then preservation, protection and teaching of this knowledge and instruction is the reason the Guild exists.  Action engages energy, energy coordinated with direction, enables movement, sustained movement builds momentum, sustained momentum determines our qualities and vehicles which will have the most inertial power, with these determining our destination.  When our perceptual awareness is given insight of our Higher potential, our life purpose is given meaning and thus our destination becomes clear and permeated with the strength given from both cognizance of Higher cause and inertial power.  With the knowing and understanding of our Highest potential, our functionality, qualities and vehicles are unified in common cause, action is sustained, inertial power is engaged, and we progress through the cycles which continually articulate and refine the conduits and networks of connection to our Higher self.  Developmental transformation as it unfolds continuously “upward” in ever deepening, expanding and broadening spirals, moves us at times through what we may perceive as the trough of a waveform, at other times through what we may perceive as the peak of a waveform.  Yet as our awareness deepens, expands and broadens, we are able to perceive beyond the smaller fluctuations, distinguishing the greater macrocosmic landscape which is continually moving “upward” towards singular destination, and that the developmental transformation that occurs as we pass through the passage, this being the path of the Higher self, is moving us to Enlightenment.

The Guild encourages exploration and investigation of other lineages, paths and systems, for this refines clarity in the knowing of our own true goals, what gives meaning, reason, worth and cause to our purpose, which then propels us to engage in the actions required towards fulfilling our purpose.  For some, the path of the Higher self and Enlightenment will not be their goal, while for some it will be all that matters to them, and of course goals which encompass a vast spectrum,  constructed by our perceptions of worth, meaning and purpose exists between these.  Again, for those who seek other goals, we wish you good journeys on your path, yet for those who are drawn to the Higher self and Enlightenment path we still support the exploration and investigation of other lineages, systems and paths.

Knowing the systems and methods which coordinate functionally and effective with all the elements that comprise your being is extremely important.  In this day and age, it is not uncommon for the investigation and perception of these specifics both within a system and within ourselves to take time, since many distractions, narratives and constructs function to draw us in different directions, diffusing our energy, inertial power, concentration, perception and clarity.  Yet this is “what is,” we can only work with “what is” and so if we are to develop more and more into alignment with our greater good we must continually readjust towards an increasingly  productive, optimal balance.  This is the balance that allows us to explore and investigate lineages and systems of functional knowledge and practice, while not allowing ourselves to be drawn into the collective consciousness of apathy, sloth and indifference, for these three qualities of their own inherent design and nature, exhaust our energies, concentration and inertial power towards the development of our potential in any field or area.  Even just two goals which are in opposition to the other immediately causes a diffusion of energy, focus and access to the best of our qualities required for the achievement of either goal.  When many goals, whether we are conscious or unconscious of them, are working in opposition to others, our energy, focus and access to the best of our internal resources and qualities becomes incredibly diffuse, entangled and weak.

Synonymous to a laser, when our purpose, energy, concentration and cause are singular, our inertial power and the continual activation of our potential to higher, broader and deeper levels at the most optimal level of function is enabled.  As such, exploration and investigation of different lineages, systems and paths of practice is important in order through a process of observation and logical discernment, to bring greater clarity of understanding to the intellect.  Even just a degree of intellectual clarity allows for greater insight and understanding, which then gives energy to meaning, reason and purpose in the context of any particular system of practice.  With energy given to meaning, reason and purpose, the intellect, while it may still have reservation and resistance, will commonly at the very least acknowledge that experience is required in order for it to truly understand and know further.  Thus, a degree of permission is given towards engaging in the actions required for bringing experience.  From here, experience can be observed, which allows for the gaining of insight, understanding and knowing, and as these qualities increase, with the intellect observing and noting development for the greater good of our being, more and more permission to sustain the required actions are given.

This is the fundamental the reason that the Guild wholeheartedly encourages investigation and exploration of other lineages and systems of practical Higher development.  It is to provide enough reason, value and meaning, even if this be only the smallest gleaning, for the intellect such that it gives permission to act, which is the only true way to bring the experience necessary to gain true and real insight, knowing and understanding.  This requirement applies to the knowing and understanding of any field.  If the intellect had not constructed so many formations of resistant narratives, obstructions and the entanglements caused as a consequence of this, which by default distort its own logical function and processes, permission to engage in the actions which bring direct experience would occur almost immediately, since this would be clearly and easily noted as the most logical and direct way to gain understanding and knowing.  Due to many variables including social and cultural constructs, which have designed and manufactured both internal formations that hinder us from attaining our highest potential as well as external factors such as technologies and mediums which distract and diffuse our energy, focus and clarity, perceptual awareness and logical function free of distortion and entanglement is not commonly so and as such, again we must work with “what is” in order to develop and move towards our greater good and potential.

Actually engaging the mechanics required to move through the passage of the Higher self, with the developmental transformation that occurs moving us to Enlightenment, is almost incredulously simple when authentically understood at the intellectual level.  Given the aforementioned specifics and with awareness that the time we have within this physical incarnation is undeniably limited, remaining cognizant that a path has to eventually and inevitably be chosen if we are to attain our ultimate goal must be remembered.  The process of developmental transformation on the Higher self and Enlightenment path, processes through many cycles, and with each successive step being founded upon that which precedes it, time being a requirement should be noted as clearly mandatory.  While some systems claim that goals such as Enlightenment can be attained in an instant, commonly this misinformation has come to be largely due to a misunderstanding between the mere intellectual understanding of the concept and principle of Enlightenment and the experience of Enlightenment within our entire spectrum.  While the former is more akin to an idea, the latter is more akin to an idea having been developed into full functional ability.  In the interests of supporting accuracy of understanding, observing the commonality that any and all fields and areas, if we wish to develop higher skill and expertise, require action and time in order for this to occur.  Attainment on the Higher self and Enlightenment path is no different.

In similar vein, to bring clarity to a misunderstanding which is detrimental to progress and development, as a general rule it is not possible to skip steps since sufficient “structural integrity” of a preceding step is the foundation upon which the succeeding step is built.  There is nothing mysterious about this and it can be clearly and easily observed in our external world where structures whether natural or human made require that the lower levels are stable in order to provide support for the upper levels.  Practitioners who are given experiential insight of Higher levels of consciousness will often find that if they are absent “structural integrity” of the preceding steps, that even if it has been possible for them to temporary experience a Higher level, that the experience is more akin to a glimpse.  The reason for this is simply because they have not yet developed the sufficient “structural integrity” required for the ability to move to a Higher level at will.  The glimpse could be compared to taking a jump to see outside a high window for a brief moment before returning to the floor.  Again, there is nothing mysterious about this and the concept and function is synonymous to both the external and internal world.  It is simple and natural law. If the preceding steps cannot sustain the requirements, stability being one of these, necessary for coordinating fluidly balanced movement to the Higher step then ability to move to the Higher step at will cannot be achieved.  This is a rudimentary description of what will be experienced as a far more intricate and multidimensional process.  The purpose however is to illustrate and emphasize how immensely precious our given time is, and that regardless of whether the path of practice chosen is of the Guild, another lineage, or any field at all, that if expertise and mastery of that field is to be known, that we must inevitably choose a path and engage in the actions required that will enable development upon that path.