Meditation Mastery

Complete Integration

If connection to the Higher self and the path is to be all permeating and complete, developmental transformation too must be inclusive of all elements that presently comprise our being.  For while passing through the path of the Higher self developmentally transforms our being, we must work with “what is” in the present moment, that is what presently comprising our being, in order to move to our Higher potential.  What comes later is a result of what we enable in the present.

As such, while many formations, tethers and bindings will release through our journey of developmental transformation, if they are presently “what is,” adhered within us in some way, then for the intent and purpose of enabling the function and actuality of their release, we must work with them completely as if they are a part of the composition that comprising our being.

Similarly, being incarnated within a physical body, it is through this vessel that we perceive and engage with our self and reality, and thus it is through this physical vessel that we have been given the potential to develop the qualities and vehicles that will enable us to release the tethers, bindings and formations that obstruct and obscure our perceptual awareness and consciousness from our Higher self.  When the time comes that we experientially know “oneness,” “true self,” “no self,” “ascension from the physical body,”  “the Higher self” or other definitions that have been given to various experiences, then that will be “what is.”  Until then however and in order to move to these specifics, we must work with the “what is” that we presently experience and observe.  Simply put, it is only from here that we can move there.

Acknowledging and accepting that the physical body cannot help but be engaged with, in order to facilitate developmental transformation of any other compositions which we may not presently define as physical, re-adjusts our how we coordinate with our practice.  This knowledge has been passed down from teacher to teacher throughout the ages through insights synonymous with what in modern day many have heard as “the body is your temple.”  Deeper insight, understanding and knowing pertaining to this, comes through experience, given from practice, allowing us to observe that our “temple” is how and where our developmental transformation takes place and that the more our “temple” itself develops, which also occurs through our practices, the greater its ability to facilitate our developmental transformation through the Higher self and Enlightenment path.