Meditation Mastery

The Higher Self Path

The most effective way to reach any destination is to have a guide.

Whether in life or to attain Enlightenment your Higher self is your greatest guide.

A teacher can show you how to connect with your Higher self along with how to navigate terrain that you may not yet be skilled at traversing.  It is through your Higher self however that the path to Enlightenment is able to unfold before you and it is through your Higher self that the perfectly correct developmental transformation which moves you to Enlightenment can occur.

All of us have the potential to connect to our Higher self, however to make potential, which is mere possibility, into actuality and functional ability, we must engage the mechanics required for this process to manifest.

Meditation Mastery is the compendium of knowledge and instruction that will allow for both experiential understanding of the mechanics necessary for connecting to your Higher self and the ability to engage these mechanics such that full connection to your Higher self will occur.

“After many years of personal practice and teaching I can genuinely say that the teachers and practices of the Life Mastery Guild are peerless.  I haven’t yet encountered any other systems or teachers that even come close.   Furthermore, they have been incredibly  supportive in helping me to fill in the gaps in my own original system and rather than attempting to have me join their system they have been strongly encouraging me to keep my original system alive.  Their perspective is that different systems appeal to different people and that what is truly important is that people are able to learn the practices no matter who or what system they learn it from.  They are true, sincere Masters in my eyes.”

Lucy L, San Francisco.